Wednesday 26 June 2019

Oh no not again :(

Some months ago I fell out with an online friend, whom I'd met in real life on one occasion (and who could talk the hind legs off a donkey).  At the time of the falling out I was in quite a deep state of depression, and she bombarded me, via email and text, with 'helpful' suggestions.  She gave me lots of instances of things she does (she doesn't suffer with clinical depression, by her own admittance) and reckoned they'd help me too.  She even suggested what I should/shouldn't write about on MY blog!  I know she thought she was being helpful, but I just felt like I was being lectured and told what to do all the time, in the end I just wanted to crawl into a hole and pull a blanket over my head and hide from her.  She also insisted that some things I'd written were about her, when they weren't at all (I do know people other than her!), but there was no convincing her of that.  Eventually, words were exchanged, she was clearly offended (and let me know about it in no uncertain terms) and that was that, I didn't hear from her again, to my relief.

She was one of the reasons I tried to make my blog private - although failed spectacularly (techie stuff is not one of my strengths) and just gave up in the end.

Well, now she's back - she's clearly still reading my blog and is now offering more unsolicited advice and suggestions.  I know she thinks she's being helpful, but really I just wish she would leave me alone! 

And now for some really good news.....on Monday my mother was released from hospital and transferred into a neighbouring hospice/care home.  It's a private care facility but they do take some elderly hospital patients who are nearly ready to go home - so they're not bed blocking in hospital, I guess.  Sis has been to see mum in the home and says it's lovely, she has her own en-suite room, she found out she knows one of the care staff and she's been well enough to get dressed and go and eat in the dining room.  And sis has just had a call from the hospital to say mum can go home either late today or some time tomorrow.  Such good news.

Husband and I have talked again and he's agreed that just sitting around moping (which is all that he's been doing, understandably when he doesn't feel well) is not doing him (or me, by extension) any good.  I know he can't do much, or go far, but we will be trying to get out a bit more.  We'll start by taking Betty out for a longish walk this afternoon - well, somewhere she can be let off the lead and run around to her heart's content, and where we don't actually need to do too much walking ourselves, as my hip is killing me again lately - probably because I've been more or less confined at home too and thus not getting any exercise.  My hip and back are definitely much worse when I don't do a lot of walking around, even though walking still hurts, especially on uneven ground.  It's quite dull and overcast here at the moment, but is supposed to be sunny later.


  1. Well if your fake friend reads this post, she might take the hint. Failing that delete all comments from her when they arrive. If that fails, tell her to bugger off. That's not nasty, it's telling it how it is.

    1. Hi Ilona (*waves*). Her latest advice came via email - I thought I'd blocked her emails but obviously failed at that too! (I'm such a blonde when it comes to computer stuff). Unless she's using a different email address. I wouldn't go so far as to tell her to bugger off, but you did make me laugh!

  2. That's such good news about your mum, and it must be a bit of a weight off your mind too. It's so worrying for you, especially when you don't live close by to see her often. It's been a dull day here too but we're forecast sun for the rest of the week.

  3. Your blog, your words, your feelings. No one else's business. As we say on Facebook, if you don't like it, just scroll on by!

    Wonderful news about your Mum - I'm glad. And I'm delighted that you and 'him' have been able to talk and are going to get out a bit more. That's absolutely great!

  4. Hi Sue is it who I think? I sent you an email the other day not sure if I sent it to the wrong email?

  5. Good that you can get out a bit. Glad your mum is doing better.
    Take care of you . Hugs.

  6. Hi Sooze, I'm just catching up on your posts, since our hols and a following manic week. I'm so sorry you and your husband have had such a time of it! I hope his meds soon start doing their stuff, so you can both feel better about things. Sending a big hug from the county next door x

  7. Such good news about your mum and that you are managing to get out of the house. The weather isn't helping anyone at the moment my knee is far worse with this damp cold spell we're having at the moment. Next thing I'll be complaining about the heat - I can see it coming!!
    Hope you can sort your stalker out and hope I haven't made any comments or suggestions that you have felt to be unhelpful - it is a fine balance between sharing information to be supportive and being a bit too informative I think!
    Take care x

  8. First of all, I am so pleased that your Mum is on her way home; she must be feeling so much better if she got dressed and ate with people. I hope she continues in this manner.

    Secondly, I hope that S manages to get out for a walk and that you do too and that your hip will improve with use.

    As for your 'friend' emailing, there should be a facility for marking their address as spam and everything will then go into your junk box which you can delete without reading. Good luck!

    And HUGS! many and more! xx


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