Thursday, 27 June 2019


The surgery rang at 6pm yesterday.....husband has yet another UTI.  Honestly, it just seems to be neverending, we feel like he's never going to get better at this rate.

Re my last post and the 'helpful' person....she isn't nasty and she doesn't comment on my blog.  She thinks she's being helpful - but the point is she's just so OTT, she bombards me with all this stuff via email and text, whether I want it or not (I don't).  It's all things she thinks I should be doing - but it's what SHE thinks, it's not what I think or want.  Like I said, I know she thinks she's helping, but there was just so much of it I ended up feeling like I was being smothered and just wanted to run away from her.  And it's the tone of what she says too, she more or less TELLS me what to do.  I thought it was all over months ago when we had words (via email), so why she's started up again I don't know, my heart sank when I saw her email yesterday.  Considering our last communications months ago were quite acrimonious, I can't understand why she's got in touch again, nor why she's still reading my blog.  

My mother is home, finally, she got my brother to post one word on FB yesterday.....BLISS!  I didn't ring her last night as I knew she'd be tired and settling in to her new living arrangements, with all her bedroom furniture now being downstairs.  Hopefully I'll have a video call with her today or tomorrow.  I'm so glad she's home.


  1. I hope the UTI is soon treated and your husband is able to feel a little more comfortable.
    Great news on your mother being home again. She is sure to feel more relaxed in her own environment.
    I'm sorry to read about your 'helpful person.' Maybe they mean well, but I hope they understand their input is uneccesary, is only serving to upset you and that they leave you alone now. X

  2. Your poor husband, I hope the treatment works well.
    Glad to hear about your mum, one less thing for you to worry about.
    Hopeful this pesky woman will leave you alone now.
    Take Care Sue. xx

  3. Your mum must feel so much better for just being home now - there is no place like it.
    Maybe the UTI is part of the reason that your hubby felt better for a day and then relapsed. Once the UTI is treated perhaps he will have a few more good days and start to feel a bit more hopeful as the tablets begin to work.
    Have a lovely chat with your mum today. x

  4. Gosh you are having a tough time of it at the moment, I feel your pain :-(

    Regarding your 'helpful person' ... we all seem to get them at one time or another, but yours seems to be taking it to the next level !!

    I think there comes a time when even if you don't usually swear to just tell her to f*k off and leave you alone. As I've gotten older I am more confident in my ability to cut to the chase ... and less inclined to worry about offending people who have already offended me.

    Good luck with everything.

    Oh, and what wonderful news that your Mum is home. xx

    1. Well my comment didn't get published and my b*gger off was quite mild compared to your f**k off, ha ha. Maybe because I forgot to use the asterisk.

    2. Erm, your comment WAS published yesterday, Ilona. And I replied!

    3. Thanks. Still can't see it. Not sure why. Never mind.

  5. Sending hugs and good vibes. You seem to really need them. Hopefully things get better with your mum and your poor hubby!

  6. Oh Sooze....I was hoping that after my unplanned break from blogging that visiting you would find some improvement in hubby's suffering. I am so sorry to hear that he is no better.
    Lovely to hear that your Mum is home though.

  7. Sue you and your husband have all my kind thoughts and sympathy. His UTIs are b****y awful I know I 've been there. Yes taking paracetamol will help with the pain and as neither of you go out to work like me, is there any reason why you both can't have a sleep on the bed in the afternoons to have some catch up sleep? Take care and blessings.

  8. Hope the UTI clears up soon and so glad your mum is home. Nothing like your own home.

  9. Hi hun, You really are going through it at the moment.Good news about the place where your mum is going to. It sounds lovely. My hubbie is 69 and has his* I need to pee now*! moments. Have you looked at herbal teas (like cranberry or dandelion)?
    He maybe able to drink these to help with the inflammation.It must be hard not having enough sleep. No wonder that you get forgetful. I am like that with 9 hours sleep LOL X I hope that things improve soon.I hope that this lady realises that she is adding to your stresses instead of relieving them. Take care hunny bunny - especially of yourself. *hugs* goldensunflower x

  10. My friend's hubby has suffered one UTI after another. Poor bloke has been catheterised and has been in agony. Turn out after months of terrible pain that he has Prostitis.. It has gone undiagnosed for months. Might be worth a mention to your doctor

  11. Glad your mum is home, that alone has to have you and her feeling better.
    Good luck on the weeing situation to your husband and you.
    It just seems they would do something but I guess they are with the meds for swelling reduction. Wish they would hurry up and work for him.


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