Monday 3 June 2019

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them better!

Thank you for comments, and I see I have a couple of new readers - welcome, I hope my moans don't put you off!

Well, I didn't get much (any) sleep during my supposed nap time.  For a start, I'd forgotten to put my phone on silent (I always take it upstairs with me in case my sis needs to get in touch about Mum) and it pinged with texts and emails a few times.  And I made the mistake of allowing Betty to come up with me....she's so fidgety, she's worse than husband and he's bad enough.  She must have changed position at least a dozen times.  It was lovely having her on the bed with me though, she's not allowed upstairs during the night, never mind in the bedroom, we'd never get ANY sleep.  At one point she stretched out her entire body down the length of my side, pressing herself right up against me and rested her head on my ankle.  Pity she wasn't the other way up, as it meant her bum was a few inches away from my face - luckily she didn't fart!  (she is a farter, she's definitely not ladylike).  I got some rest for an hour though, at least.

I suddenly had a bright idea yesterday (shame it's taken me so long to think of it though) and asked sis to let me know when she was at the hospital, so I could video call her and Mum, which we did.  Mum couldn't see me very well as her eyesight is so poor (she's nearly blind in one eye and has only limited sight in the other), but at least we could talk.  I have to say I was quite shocked by the sight of Mum, she's gone downhill so much in the few weeks since I last saw her, she looked terrible actually.  She's clearly confused still as well, several times she asked me the same question ("What's your weather like?"), told me she hasn't seen a doctor (she has of course, every day) and then 2 minutes later told me what the doctor had said that morning, when actually it was the previous morning as the doctors don't come round on Sundays.  (Clearly, people in hospital aren't sick on Sundays).  Mum said she's fed up and wants to go home....I hope she doesn't insist on discharging herself, as she's obviously not ready physically or mentally for going home yet.  Sis later said that Mum was very happy to be able to chat to me, it lifted her spirits, so we'll do it again.  

Husband wasn't very well yesterday either, his UTI seemed to get worse yesterday, he was in a lot of pain and needing a wee even more often and he didn't look well, he looked grey and tired.  He did seem to sleep quite well last night though, I'll see how he is when he gets up and if he's no better, I'll get him to ring the GP again.  He's halfway through his latest course of antibiotics.  This is the 12th day of meds, I'd have thought he'd be showing signs of improvement by now.

I filled out my first sleep diary this morning, I had to say what time I went to bed, how long it took to get to sleep, every time I woke up, what woke me up, how long I was awake, whether I got out of bed, what time I got up this morning, what the quality of my sleep was like, how I felt when I got up (knackered, as usual).  Quite detailed, but it was interesting seeing it in black and white.  Seems I got a total of 4 1/2 hours sleep last night, quite a lot for me!


  1. Get back to the doctor about the antibiotics for your husband, I had to have 3 different types once to finally clear it. They tried a 3 day course first , then another type for a week and in the end I had to have another lot that finally cleared it. I think they go for the cheapest option first, never mind if the patient is in trouble and your husband clearly is. Quite frankly I have almost given up with the medical profession. Lets hope it soon goes, its so miserable. If you ever want to chat Sooze, my email is still on the defunct blog. xxxxx

  2. I would say get back too. Don't wait. If they're not working, they need to try some more.
    It sounds like the sleep diary is helping to keep you awake if each time you have to come to enough to record time, etc. I really hope it helps in the longer term.
    Lots of love

  3. How lovely for your mum to be able to hear you if not completely see you. I know the repetitions can be hard to deal with - my mum's memory is getting worse but sometimes I think part of it is because their world has shrunk down to very small one and they are doing so little there is little to talk about and so they continually tell you or ask the same thing over and over.
    seems like you may have to get in touch with the doctor again - something is not right if it is getting worse again.
    Hope tomorrow brighter for you all. xx

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  5. Thinking good thought for you all from here. Take care.

  6. Definitely give the GP a call, hope he starts to feel better soon.

  7. Sue, is your hubby able to drink Cranberry juice. It might help with his UTI. The sleep diary sounds like a good idea too. It will show whether there is a pattern to your waking/sleeping hours.


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