Saturday 29 June 2019

Too hot! (well i need something else to complain about haha)

Not even 8 am yet and I'm already uncomfortably hot, I really don't like it hot and muggy, doesn't agree with me at all being fair skinned and freckly.  Being fat doesn't help either lol.

Cheryl, you asked about laser surgery.....the consultant did mention the possibility of an op in the future, but their policy is to try the shrinking meds first and see if that works.  Oh, and his infection's not gone yet, he's still feverish and shivery at times (oh to be feeling cold in this heat!!  I wish I could!).  

Betty has her grooming session this morning, the one that I forgot last week....must remember!  We've got someone coming round (allegedly, i'll believe it when/if they actually turn up) to hopefully take our exercise bike off our hands.  All it's doing is taking up space, neither of us uses it anymore, hurts my hip like hell and husband's too knackered, unwell and sore to use it.  I'm a bit fed up with rude lazy people who bombard us with (mostly stupid) questions and messages about the thing, and then don't bother letting us know that they're no longer interested or won't be coming round.  The woman who's supposed to be coming today has already changed the arrangements a couple of times, so we'll see if she actually does come.

There's a country fair on locally today, I would have liked to go but husband doesn't feel well enough, and it's not near enough for me to walk to.  Wouldn't fancy walking in this heat anyway.

The bbq party tonight has shrunk to being just a small bbq for a few neighbours only.....the neighbour doing it hasn't been well and doesn't feel up to a big do.  Fine by me, I'll still go anyhow.  I've said I'll make some cupcakes to take along....should have said a salad, so I don't have to have the oven on.  Duh!

I had a really bad day yesterday, everything was getting on top of me (plus the usual lack of sleep) and I felt weepy and down all day.  Husband was also very down (he still is today) so I've had to pull myself together in the hope that he will too.  


  1. The sun is out already here today - we had a lovely breeze yesterday but it looks very still this morning. Perhaps as your hubby improves you too will start to feel a bit better - it must be so frustrating for you as each of your recent, your mum, hubby's problems have had a long timescale and it must be extremely wearing for you - a good cry often does you good.
    I hope you enjoy the BBQ - have a good weekend. x

  2. Thanks for answering. My dh had the frequent bathroom breaks but no infection. The surgery worked like a charm after the meds did nothing.

  3. It's been rather lovely here (Hampshire), very hot but with a gentle breeze. Tomorrow is supposed to moderate somewhat.


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