Thursday 13 June 2019

Holds wrist out to be slapped....

I'm afraid I broke the rules last night.  I was SO tired I felt ill, and found it impossible to stay awake.  So I went to bed at 10 pm, a full 2 hours earlier than I'm supposed to.....although I got up at 04.30, 30 minutes earlier than my scheduled time.  And I only woke up once during the night.  I've yet to fill in my sleep diary and 'confess', so have no idea what they'll say or if I have to re-start the task.  I doubt I'll be given 100 lines though 😁  I do feel better for it this morning.

It's chucking it down again this morning and is forecast to be heavy rain all day, although next week is supposed to be better.  I really hope so, I think we must all be fed up with constant rain, wind and as for the cold....for goodness sake, it's June, nearly midsummer's day, get your bloody act together up there!!!

Gemma's P, our GP mentioned kidney stones but was a bit dubious about husband actually having them, for various reasons.  Well, we won't know anything until he gets seen at hospital.

I spoke to Mum via video call on sister's phone at the hospital yesterday.  I have to say she looks dreadful, so much frailer than when we last saw her in person.  But she seemed cheerful and said how eager she is to get home, the nurses keep telling her she's going home 'soon'.  They're very pleased with how her mobility has improved (the physio has been working with her every day), and they're building her up by giving her vitamin drinks daily.  This latest bout of illness and prolonged spell in hospital has certainly taken it out of her though, poor old thing.

Going shopping first thing this morning, will try to be there for when Lidl opens, to see if we can get one of their veg boxes.  However, the last few times we've been early they haven't had any, and when we've asked the staff about them they claim not to know why.  Seems to me like they just can't be bothered anymore.  This new store was lovely when it first opened a few months back, it's gone downhill a bit since then though, the displays (such as they are) sometimes look scruffy and pricing/shelf edge labels are a bit haphazard - or missing altogether.  It's not that they don't have enough staff - they do, seems to be plenty of them, they just don't seem to do a lot, and their customer service skills leave a lot to be desired.  We don't use Lidl all the time, but I do like some of their products, hence am prepared to put up with the failings.  And their prices are so cheap, we do save a lot of money by shopping there occasionally.  E.g., the redbush tea I drink is 69p on offer, it's between £2 and £3 everywhere else.  I buy about 6 boxes at a time and they last me for months.


  1. Well, the fact that you simply couldn't stay awake (and I totally sympathise with that), only woke once in the night and then got up at four thirty (which is pretty much normal for me) - perhaps that means that the programme is actually working already. Starting to work, anyway.

    We had sun earlier but it's gone all dismal again. Like you, I do find it pretty depressing and long for wome sunshine again. Fingers crossed.

  2. I do love Lidl but it is very frustrating when you find a product that you like and they suddenly stop stocking it.
    How about a little white lie on the sleep form? only you will know and you can go back to the 12 o'clock tonight. lol

  3. I doubt that there will be any repercussions if you tell the truth on your sleep form; in fact, it will probably tell them a lot more about yourself and they will be able to make the right recommendations. Keep with it my love and look forward to the day when things will be more normal for you.

    I'm sorry to hear that your Mum looks frail and perhaps she will buck up when she gets back home. xx


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