Saturday 22 June 2019

Oh bum!

Stress and lack of sleep is really getting to me again,  I can hardly remember my own name at the moment.  We were supposed to take Betty to the groomers first thing this morning - I totally forgot about it, despite it being written on the calendar and an appointment card in my phone wallet, and having mentioned it to husband just a couple of days ago.  Her nails really need clipping too.  Oh well, I've rung and apologised and rebooked her for next Saturday.  And the daft thing is, I got money out this morning thinking 'I know I need cash for something, but can't remember what right this minute'.  Fool...

I was up at 03.30 this morning, husband had got up for yet more wees a couple of times, waking me up as well (if I sleep in the spare room he still wakes me, as I'm such a light sleeper).  Couldn't get back to sleep after the 2nd time of being woken up, so went downstairs.  I did actually doze off in the armchair, until Betty had one of her more 'active' dreams and woke me up with her woofing.  I think I need a very dark, very cool, completely soundproof room to sleep in - alone.  

Husband said this morning he hardly dared mention it for fear of jinxing it, but he actually feels very slightly better....not feeling the urge to pee so frequently and a smidgeon less painful.

I'm not doing anything much today, for the simple reason that I can't be bothered, as my head feels too woolly to concentrate on anything.  I might just sit in the garden and read.


  1. I know how you feel about the sleep being disturbed. I now sleep upstairs with the door shut, all quiet, no cats and I can have the window open if I want (Tom feels the cold and likes his closed) I can read until late get in and out of bed when I want. Lovely.
    I did feel guilty to start with but it makes for a better nights sleep.
    Glad hubby is feeling a bit better.

  2. I am really glad he told you he is feeling a bit better, you can use all the good you can get.

  3. Good news about S, let us hope that this is the turning point.

    Hugs! xxx

  4. Glad your husband is feeling better. Hope you get a better night's sleep. There was a good article about insomnia in the mail today. The doctor who ran a sleep clinic developed insomnia! He solved the problem for himself and is helping others more.

  5. Fingers and toes, paws and claws crossed your husband has turned a corner and it'll improve steadily from now on.

    Sleep vibes for you ...


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