Wednesday 5 June 2019

Quick question for cardmakers

I've been having a little play with my die cutter and am pleased but also puzzled with the results.  The embossing plate that came with it is fab, I think I'll be using that a lot.  However, I'm a bit flummoxed with the die cut outs - not how to do it, I know that, and like the finished cuts.  Here are some I've just done (love the butterfly one):-

I suppose I'd thought that the machine cuts the design into the actual paper or card, leaving it in there, rather than cutting the design out and leaving just the holey outline of the design in the paper, if you see what I mean.

My question is, now that I see the designs are cut out, how do you fix them to paper or the card?  I obviously can't use my glue dots or strips or double sided sticky pads, as the designs are too delicate.

Sorry if it's a really blonde question, as you know this is all very new to me!  Thanks in advance, I know all you experienced clever crafters will know the answer.


  1. You can use PVA glue, cheap to purchase, I put some in a dish and use a small paint brush to dap it on the back, messy but it works. I also have a couple of glue machines, Xyron Creative station for bigger items and Xyron X for small items, but both are wasteful as you use more than just the size of the cutout. You buy cartridges for both, and putt your cutout through the machine, the glue attaches to the cutout in between the layers. I only use the machines when I am doing cards in bulk. I hope this helps

  2. Pritt stick is what I use. Easy to use

  3. Sooze... paint a thin layer of PVA onto a plate and using a pair of tweezers to hold your die cut it down onto the glue and this should put enough onto the back of the shape to stick it down without having any residue seeping through the holes.

  4. I'd have said pritt stick or similar. If you kist want it ot tiny bits, could you use a cotton bud?

    1. What on earth? Tha should have said 'if you just want it on . . .'

  5. A Cocktail stick and very little bit of Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue. An pair of tweezers helps.

    Hazel c uk

  6. I was going to say Pritt Stick, but I see you have lots of replies and suggestions already. Fingers crossed that the change of antibiotics helps your husband now, UTI's are horrible, and painful things. Any news on your mum yet? Has she got a date to come out of hospital? I think people are so much better once they get back into their own environment. My mum was in hospital a couple of years ago and she was so frail but she soon perked up again once she got home. Fingers crossed that it's the same for your mum.


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