Sunday 30 June 2019

Oh dear

Things have got worse again over the weekend....husband felt very unwell yesterday and spent most of the day asleep on his recliner chair.  We did think perhaps it could be the heat, as it's no good for heart failure sufferers.  However, he's felt very feverish during the night, although feels better in himself having got up, but is now back to peeing blood again.  On his discharge letter from the hospital following his cystoscopy, it says if he gets visible haematuria again then the GP should refer him back for further investigations.  

So it's back to the GP tomorrow for yet another emergency appointment.

We're going to do a big shop this morning (husband will sit in the car whilst I whizz round the shop), to make sure we're stocked up with everything.  We have to face up to the possibility that he may need to have a hospital stay in the near future, so i have to be prepared.  I'm ok with the emotional side of that, it's the practical side of things that presents more of a problem, bearing in mind where we live and my lack of transport.


  1. Oh dear Sooze you are not having a good time at all, lack of transport aside, it might be a good thing that your hubby is taken in for a couple of days as they may be able to help with his problem whilst they are waiting for it to shrink. My dad just had an op for his enlarged prostrate but as I think back because he was in his 80's and not the time to wait he opted to pay privately which was not cheap but the best thing he ever spent his money on! I know this is not an option for you but maybe the hospital might do something that will help as he is clearly not well.
    Hang in there I am sure things will get sorted, often with the NHS they only get sorted under pressure. x

  2. I think I might think about A & E if it gets that bad again. He should have been referred back immediately rather than another just being given another lot of antibiotics. The operation for prostate gives such relief. It incurs 2-3 days in hospital and a few weeks of not doing much afterwards. The men I looked after, who had had this done, were different to the ones who came in. I wish I had the money to pay for you privately.

  3. Living in the country is ideal. I'd rather live here than anywhere else, but I would be in the same predicament as you if anything were to incapacitate my husband. I can drive, but with MS and not having driven for a few years I sent my licence back to DVLA when we were in Wales. Something I'm beginning to regret now as we are more rural here than we were in Wales. We have a Spar and the Post Office sells a few things, but I can't even get to them easily, even with my walker or in my wheelchair.

    I hope it isn't too serious for your husband and that everything works out okay for you both.

  4. Sooze you really do need to take your husband to A and E. or another doctor. I think you both have had a enough by now

  5. I would call an ambulance but I don’t what response times are like in your area, maybe the paramedics could give advice and medication st least, poor man sounds in s real state and you must be exhausted. Take care.

  6. Although I realise that you would not want him in Hospital, I really think that maybe that is where he should be and then maybe you will get something done. I feel for you both, its so wearing isn't it?

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    1. Soozite??? No idea how that happened, really sorry!

  8. No advice , just good thoughts for calm and peace, that someone will take the reins in the medical system and get the care for him that he needs.
    This sounds like torture someone would do to their enemy.

  9. Deleted my comment as it went really wrong and I have no idea how. Here's what I meant to say!
    Dear Sooze, You are best placed, so to speak so best placed to assess the situation, but maybe dialing 111 would access some advice and guidance as to whether to wait until tomorrow or to get to hospital. I found them so very, very helpful.
    Sending love.

  10. Oh, love, I hope something will soon be done to relieve the poor man of his discomfort!

    Hugs, as always. xxx


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