Wednesday 17 July 2019

can't think of a title!

Since i last posted, both mum and my younger brother have been taken into hospital by ambulance, on separate occasions within a day of each other.  Both are now home but very unwell.  Elder brother has driven up there to try and get a care package organised for mum and psychiatric help for brother.  

Aunt's funeral has been arranged, 3 weeks today - why does it always take so long?  Some faiths can have a funeral arranged within 24 hours or so, because their religion specifies it, so it beats me why others take weeks.  The neighbours who usually look in on Betty and let her out for a wee when we're out for several hours will be on a cruise (I was hoping the funeral would be before they went away), so we'll have to take her with us.

It's nothing but problems at the moment.  I am trying to keep a lid on my stress levels by cutting out, or at least reducing, the smaller, less important stresses.  Eg, family members asked if they could come and stay week after next....i've said no, as i just cannot cope with the extra work involved with cooking, washing etc, entertaining them (they like to go out and do touristy stuff), even just the thought of having to paste a smile on and make small talk is just too much right now when I feel like i'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  

I really need to do something about changing electricity suppliers....we've been with the same one for years and their prices have been galloping up, another increase on the latest bill which means our monthly DD is now almost double what it was a couple of years ago.  But yet again it's another stress i can do without and don't really feel up to tackling right now.

Husband has to wait up to a fortnight for the results of his CT scan.  He's had an appointment through the post to (finally!) see a urology consultant....for the end of September.  So another 2 1/2 months of worry and pain and inconvenience for him?  When he spoke to them the hospital did say they will try and get a cancellation for him.  

We are trying to go out once a week and do something nice, like a walk or a picnic.  We can't go far though, for cost reasons and because husband needs to have a loo nearby.  It's a little bit of a break though, we won't be having a holiday for the rest of the year, can't afford it and too much going on.


  1. I believe there's an on;lione company that does all the work for you to change suppliers. Wish I could remember the name of it. Ah, I think this is it. It means you have to do a bit but most of it is done for you. WHen you're feeling a bit stronger, it might be worth using them.

    I think you're very wise to cut out anything that isn't essential but which creates stress. I hope there is a cancellation and that things start to settle for you. Sending love

  2. Sorry your Mum and Brother have had hospital troubles. Glad you are having a day each week at lease you can look backwood on your holiday and what you did, it might have been nice to have company in the house for a change especially when you know there will not be in all the day. Hope your husband gets an earlier appointment.

    Hazel c uk

  3. Afternoon Sooze

    Sorry to hear that you are weighed down with problems and worry. Wow... you certainly do have a lot going on. What a shame that neighbours are away at the same time as Auntie's funeral - can't they change it! :-)

    Good for you that you've put off your family members visit. It's a bit short notice anyway.

    Hope your Mum and brother improve soon and that Hubby gets a cancellation appointment. Enjoy your trips out - even if it is for a couple of hours.

    Sending hugs and best wishes.


  4. On your electric bill, if you do it in line, there is a button which says is this the cheapest rate for me ,or something similar if you press it it tells you if you can get it cheaper. I do this to save the hassle of changing supplier.

  5. Hugs. You are doing well taking care of you by not accepting unneeded guests who don't mind putting you out.

  6. Hope all your family feel better soon. That is so good having a day out each week. I hope you enjoy them and make some good memories.


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