Sunday 14 July 2019


Has anybody heard from Pam of A New Life in Wales?  She's not posted for weeks, I've left messages and emailed her a couple of times but heard nothing, getting quite worried now.  She may not want to post or be contacted, of course, but if you're reading this, Pam, I'm thinking about you and hope you're ok.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, they are appreciated.  I'm not posting any personal stuff or saying anything about what's going on in our lives for a while, things aren't good and I'm unbelievably stressed.


  1. No, I haven't, sorry. I've missed her posts too.
    Sending love and concern for you and him out. xxxxx

  2. I've wondered about Pam too, though I don't have a blog of my own but I enjoy reading hers. I hope all is OK with her.

  3. Dear one, I hope you feel the hugs and concern sent from here.

  4. I've been wondering where Pam is too Sooze. I do hope she is OK.
    Wouldn't it be great if we could take a break from life as we sometimes do from blogging?
    I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  5. Tania at Frugal in Essex also disappeared - it is like losing a friend when they just go without a goodbye. Hope Pam gets in touch with you. Sorry to hear things are not any better and hoping things will settle down soon. Thinking of you x

    1. I have wondered about Frugal in Essex also. My husband feels I get to invested in these blogs.

  6. I was going to ask you whether you heard from Pam. On her last post she was getting over a nasty bout of woman flu as she called it. I do hope she's ok.

  7. Sorry you having a bad time and hope things get better soon.


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