Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The last straw

This morning i made a cake as a thank you for a kind neighbour who was doing us a favour, taking husband to hospital for his first diabetic retinal screening (not allowed to drive afterwards).  I got it out of the oven halfway through the cooking time to turn it around - and promptly dropped it on the floor.  

I sat on the kitchen floor and cried my eyes out.


  1. Sometimes it's the small things that feel like the very last straw!! A good cry helps but I feel foul and abusive language helps even more. Xx

  2. Oh No.... i would have cried too.

  3. Oh Sooze, that sounds like something I'd do. Hope you felt better after a good bawl.

  4. Oh Sooze. That really was the last straw. I hope you felt a little better after a good cry. X

  5. Poor you. Hopefully the good cry made you feel better.
    Years ago a friend and her family, 6of them in all plus my family,5 in all got together at our house. I made a huuuuuge rectangular steak pie in a roasting dish. It cost a fortune for the meat. Just as I was getting it out of the oven she walked in and I dropped it on the floor! She quickly helped me scoop it up and said"what they don't know won't hurt!" She winked at me across the dinner table. It still makes me smile.
    How kind of you to do such a kind thing.
    Hope you're feeling brighter now. X

  6. Years ago I had bought a large piece of beef ready for roasting for friends and family. The dog was caught eating it and had taken several chunks out of it. I promptly washed it under the tap and cut it into cubes to make a beef and ale pie. I often laugh...if only they knew!

  7. Oh, honey. I do hope the cry helped though.


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