Tuesday, 23 July 2019

For Joy

One of the things I mentioned that was causing me stress was the thought of having to change our electricity supplier (we have no gas), as our current supplier, one of the big ones who we've been with for years, has consistently raised prices to the point where we are now having to pay double what we did a couple of years ago.  Joy suggested I try uSwitch.  I just have, and it was ridiculously easy, we've chosen a new green supplier who are a lot cheaper (saving us around £35 p.m.), have no exit fees, will pay the exit fees of our current supplier and, best of all, will do the entire switch themselves, meaning I don't have to do a thing.  I just hope everything goes to plan....the new account should start in about 3 weeks, apparently.  So thank you very much, Joy.

I won't be writing many blog posts for a while, it's just too much like hard work at the minute.


  1. Well done, that will help your housekeeping budget!

    I am currently staying cool by being on the west side of my place with the windows wide open and the blinds almost closed (those on the east are all closed) then after the sun moves round to the west I shall close the west ones and open the east ones. I hope you manage to stay as cool a possible my lovely. (((HUGS)))! xx

  2. We change every year now. Once you have done it, it seems so much easier.

  3. Hope this energy provider change will remove that worry from your mind as well as saving money. You sound as though you've had enough, easily said I know, but try to rest and carry on with that new found craft of card and flower making. Take care.

  4. I'm so pleased you liked my suggestion and that it has proven helpful. It takes just a little bit of pressure off, doesn't it - that's a very good saving for you.
    I do hope it all goes smoothly.

    It's so hot right now, isn't it. It makes one feel so listless and lethargic. We're just not used to it, I guess.

  5. Well done on changing. We are with Octopus at the moment, green energy, and cheap. Monthly reading I give and get to see how much used and cost. So peace of mind too.

  6. Sorry things have not been good for you, £35 a month is a fantastic saving, Take time out for you and take care.x


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