Thursday 11 July 2019

Saying too much?

Gemma's Person said yesterday she appreciates me talking about my life to my readers, perfect strangers.  

I guess I probably do give away quite a few personal details - although not too personal, I'm not completely daft! - and thus open myself up to possible criticism or the potential for turning some of my readers off of following me.  Well, that's never my intention - my life is what it is, I say as much or as little as I want to, and what I do say is a genuine reflection of my life and feelings.

I've mentioned on several (probably too many!) occasions that I get quite stressed and anxious sometimes, and suffer with depression occasionally - although fortunately the depression hasn't surfaced for a while.  I came off antidepressants ages ago, although do still take medication for the anxiety and stress levels are HIGH at the moment.  I have always found that talking and getting things off my chest, even if only on paper (so to speak), helps me a lot....I just brood and let things fester and dwell on stuff otherwise.  

I guess I don't mind writing things on here because none of my family read my blog (most of them don't know I write one), nor do most of my real life friends....and those few who do are extremely good friends who I trust implicitly.  So it's pretty anonymous really, despite having some very lovely blog readers (you know who you are) who I exchange emails with and who are as near to real life friends as it's possible to get without actually meeting face to face.

Our GP rang yesterday to say husband's latest wee sample (he has to provide one every week) shows he has yet another infection...I thought as much, he's showing the signs.  So he's putting him on yet another different antibiotic, a stronger one which he says may have side effects.  Lovely.  (sarcastic face)

He's got an appointment (on Sunday of all days) for a CT scan, let's hope that gets to the bottom of it.

It's 1.00 am and I can't sleep.  I made 3 cards yesterday - what a contrast, 2 sympathy cards for my cousins which had me crying as I did them, and a lovely wedding anniversary one.


  1. I've sometimes said - your blog, your rules and that most certainly applies to whatever you choose to say or not say here. I know from my own blog writing that it's like an iceberg: one seventh showing and the rest private!
    I'm sorry about yet another infection - so tough on both of you. My fingers are very crossed for the scan on Sunday.

  2. It's good that writing things down helps you much better than bottling things up.
    Joy is's your blog and your rules.

  3. Sorry forgot to say.....fingers crossed for Sunday.

  4. I am sorry about your aunt-hope husband and mom do better-keep writing !!!!

  5. What I said was not meant to criticize you at all.
    I appreciate you being real and genuine in all you do and say.

    1. I know it wasn't, B, I understood what you meant and it's fine x

  6. Having a blog is a good outlet, none of my family no about my blog or previous ones which I am glad about.

  7. What I like about blogs is everybody writes in different ways so I can get to know the blogger which is so interesting.

  8. Poor S with another infection, I hope it clears quickly. Do they know why he keeps on getting them?

    I get the feeling that I should like Gemma's person, she seems very sympatico.

    Hugs to you again my darling. XOXO

  9. Interested in the medication for anxiety. I suffer from this but did not want to take anti depressant drugs which I have been offered. So whats the difference please.

  10. Hope you get some results from the CT scan that will shed some light on why your hubby is having so many urine infections. Continually being on antibiotics is not particularly good as it kills off all the good bacteria as well as the bad.
    As far as the blogging is concerned I am happy to read whatever anyone wants to share, whether it is about their life in general or just the garden - each to their own - it is what makes each blog different and special. x


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