Friday, 26 July 2019

Lethargy and struggle

Last night was unbearably hot, even with the windows open.  I don't normally have the bedroom windows open at night (in case of 8-legged things coming in, as I have a phobia of them, and because the slightest noise, even an owl, wakes me up), but did last night as it was just so hot.  Not that it made any difference to the oppressive heat in the bedroom.  

Cousin has asked me to write something, a memory of Aunt, for the celebrant to include in her eulogy at the funeral, so I spent the night thinking about Sylvia and all the many good times and laughter moments we shared.  I think I've got the right one to include.  Can't believe there's still 12 days to go before the funeral, the wait seems interminable.

I just don't feel like doing anything lately.  I suppose it's partly the heat (it's forecast to be a lot cooler today, thankfully, although it doesn't feel like it at the mo), partly exhaustion as my lack of sleep has been even worse lately due to the heat.  And partly because we seem to be in limbo with waiting for the funeral and for husband's scan results - nothing through the post or from the GP yet.  I just feel like I can't move on until things have happened.  Obviously it would be great if husband's scan showed up nothing nasty....but even if it does, it'll be a positive thing because I can cope with anything, so long as I know what it is we're dealing with.  And right now we don't know.  

Things are tight financially again too, having had to pay out £73 at the vets the other day, and it looks like our kettle is on the blink.  I'm so fed up with struggling all the time....since the horrendously expensive repairs for the money pit car from hell last October, we've found it difficult to catch up.  It would be so nice to have an easier life.  Somebody said to me the other day "all you need is love".....well, a sackful of money, good health and no worries would be on my list.

I wonder where Sue in Suffolk is?  She normally posts daily but hasn't recently.....I hope you're alright, Sue.  And Pam, still no word from her.

Sue said she's taking a few days off blogging. Sorry, brain like a sieve atm.


  1. Last night really was horribly unpleasant, wasn't it? We nearly touched 38C here during the afternoon and it's hard to get the heat out of the room overnight. It is a lot cooler here, thank goodness, so I hope it will spread in your direction quickly.
    As for your last but one paragraph, my beloved Miss Read, in one of her wonderfully gentle books, said: "as for love, well, you know what the Provincial Lady maintained. She reckoned that a sound bank balance and good teeth far outweighed it in value." I wholeheartedly agree and it sounds as if you do too.

  2. I, too, shall be glad when it gets cooler! it's like walking into an oven when you go outside, isn't it!
    Hope your husband gets his scan results back soon. You're right, the 'not knowing' is always stressful. Best wishes to you both x

  3. I'll be back tomorrow!
    Not knowing whats wrong is so difficult,once we knew that Colin had cancer it seemed easier to cope .......well, for a while at least.
    Wish you were nearer as I have a kettle in the garage going I kept the one from the caravan ready for when mine goes kapput, although Argos do cheap ones for less than £10

  4. I hope your Husband gets his results soon, my Son and BIL are both waiting for cancer results. Sorry you are having financial difficulties again that was why I would not have a dog again after having one for over 40 year has much has I loved the dogs I could not afford to have one on my widows pension. It's a bit cooler today so I am hoping to prune the roses and weed a little.
    Hope you have a nice weekend Sue.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Like Sue, I am taking a break for a bit from blogging but will be back shortly. Last night I laid a very large towel on the bed and a smaller one on the pillow and went starkers. I had a good nights sleep, give it a try Suze. I was literally dripping all day and have this cough as well so was due for some good sleep.
    We are strapped for cash here and every shop seems to be more and more expensive, even at Lidl. Only those who have to struggle could say that 'all you need is love'
    Hope those results come through soon and they are good. hugs

  6. I don't know if it is the heat or virgo is in retrograde or the moon gods are flailing, but I have been dragging the last 4 5 days. I am now going back to bed 2 hours after rising this morning. I go to sleep and dream so it must be REM sleep for a 2-3 hour nap. Fall right to sleep and sleep as if dead .

    1. I think I have it figured out now. I have not been drinking my 8 cups of water a day. I started it two days ago now and I am feeling MUCH better already. Glad it was only that, easy fix.

    2. I also need to say , I have no idea of the terms I used for astrology. Just made some up . :)


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