Monday, 29 July 2019

There I am!

Thank you for all the recent comments....Gemma's P, you do make me laugh!  Joy, yes Mr R-M would be shocked 😉 - he's definitely living in the wrong era, that man, he's a strange one.

My faith in humanity (and the humanity of humanity!) has been restored, we've had a lot of help, both emotional and practical, from good friends lately and I'm so grateful.  I am blessed with the best of friends and I love them dearly (you know who you are!).

We are meeting up with 2 of our very good friends today, as I mentioned previously, we're so looking forward to it, they are such a lovely couple and we get on so well.  And Betty gets to have a run about on the beach, she absolutely loves the beach.  I hope it's not too crowded as it's now holiday season, but it shouldn't be - Dunster beach isn't a hugely popular one with tourists (despite having a small chalet park there) as it has no shops or amusement arcades nearby, so nothing to interest the tourists!  Give me an unspoilt beach anyday, you can forget about the candyfloss and penny arcades (do they even take pennies nowadays?).

Husband is very well at present (touch wood and whistle, as my Grandma used to say), he doesn't appear to have another UTI brewing.  I'm not holding my breath, though, it could still happen.  Still awaiting the results of his CT scan, they should be through this week.  Whatever the outcome, I'm sure we can deal with it, it's the not knowing that's horrible.

I've been having a minor problem with one of my feet....I had a diabetes review with my nurse about a month ago, she always asks if there's anything new to report since the previous review, so I told her about it.  She tested my feet (2 types of test for nerves and pulse) and they seem ok, she doesn't think it's anything significant at the moment but said it could possibly be the start of diabetic neuropathy, therefore I needed a referral to check it out.  She said she would initially refer me to a podiatrist, then if they found anything significant they would refer me on to a diabetic specialist.  Well, I'd heard nothing and was beginning to think that perhaps the nurse had forgotten to do the referral, but finally had a letter from Podiatry on Saturday.  It more or less said that I'm not a priority, they are extremely busy and wouldn't be able to see me for months, so go away!  Well, that's alright then, very reassuring!  😒  I don't honestly think it's a real problem - well, certainly not yet - but will go back to my nurse if anything changes.

My mother is very poorly and things are going from bad to worse.  She does now have carers in morning and evening, and a nurse comes every day to check her over and do blood & urine tests, which is excellent as it takes some of the daytime pressure off my sister.  However, sister has had to go over to mum several times in the middle of the night recently, mainly because mum has become very confused of late and very fearful, she keeps saying she's frightened, although can't explain why or what she's frightened of.  Her last urine & blood tests were inconclusive for infection, so they're being repeated today.  The nurse is arranging for a community psychiatric nurse to come out and do some tests, as she said it's possible mum may have a rapid onset dementia (she was tested for dementia a year or 2 ago and was found to be clear).  All very worrying.

I feel so much happier now (other than the worry about mum) - I kind of feel like I've found myself again after being lost for months.  I think a large part of that is due to my lovely friends 😊😍

Welcome to some new followers.  Lovely bright blue sky this morning, it's going to be a really nice day.


  1. Apart from the news about your mum (and I do understand how worrying it all is and how helpless one can feel), I'm so glad that things are looking up for you, that friends have helped so much and that you sounds so much more upbeat.
    That's definitely my kind of beach too. Sand and waves without the messy, lurid optional extras that some seem to find so necessary. Have a wonderful time with your friends today

  2. Watching the tide go all the long way in or out at Dunster beach will be lovely - a favourite place for me and Col in the past. I'm glad to hear things are more settled for you.

  3. Have fun at the beach-a place for healing!!!!!!

  4. Ask if your mom has "sundown" When people get older the night time can cause confusion and they seem better during the day. My mom had it very bad and thought there was an octopus on the floor but she was also fighting infections.

  5. I feel better when you feel better!
    Enjoy a long leisurely day at the beach. Doesn't that sound divine.

  6. I always feel better mentally and physically after my visit to the sea. Enjoy.

  7. So sorry to hear about your Mum but very glad to know that S is feeling better. My fingers are crossed for your foot.

    I hope that you all had a lovel time on Dunster beach - as you know, I used to go there when I worked at The Beach Hotel in Minehead (in 1964!).

    Hugs, my darling. XOXO

  8. Stumbled upon your blog and couldn't stop reading. This post reminded me so much of the heartache I went through with my Mum. I can only reassure you that it does, eventually, get better (small comfort I know!). That feeling of being on a roller-coaster and not being able to get off, is terrible. Try to stay strong. x

  9. I'm so glad you're feeling much happier now, Sooze. A quiet beach is the most relaxing place, even better if you're sharing it with good friends :)


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