Thursday 18 July 2019


Thanks for supportive comments....the cake looks a mess but tastes good - we're keeping it obviously, I wouldn't pass it on.  Anyway, custard hides everything.  I'll make her another one.

Finally!!  brother has managed to arrange a care package for mum, in fact the first carers arrived yesterday evening.....first one, then another within a few minutes.  Should only have been one, bit of a mix up apparently.  Typical, just like buses - nothing for ages then 2 arrive.  He's also arranging for the lifeline emergency button thingy, and a key safe to be fitted outside her front door so the carers can let themselves in.

Yet another ambulance had to be called out for her Tues night, as she was very poorly again - having been discharged from A&E with just a packet of pills the same morning.  The ambulancemen, after thorough assessment and some treatment, said it wasn't strictly necessary for her to be taken to hospital but they would if family wanted - brother and sister both said no, as she would most likely just be kept in A&E for several hours again, which distresses her and means they have to sit waiting around for hours.  The ambulancemen agreed she needs daily care from professionals and they themselves got on the phone to Social Services and told them that.  After firm and frank discussion from my brother, who's an ex policeman, they agreed.  We're glad that it's all happening now, but have had to fight very hard indeed to get it, and we're all drained as a result.

Younger bro is now also getting the help he's sorely needed for a long time.  So at least mum and he are sorted, for the time being, which is a weight off our minds.  

Husband is feeling a lot better, thankfully - until the next UTI comes along!  He's taking another wee sample in for testing today, his wee does look a bit cloudy again so wouldn't be at all surprised if another infection is already starting.

I feel like I've been hit with a sledgehammer and then run over by a steamroller, and had my brain sucked out.  My hip is killing me and I've got a major tension headache and massively sore neck.  But at least all the pains mean I'm alive.  I'm just so tired, and tired of not being listened to.


  1. I'm so relieved that you mum is getting the help (or some of the help) she so much needs. Good for the paramedics!
    It's also great that your brother is getting help too and that him outside is feeling somewhat better.
    I'm not surprised your body is reacting like that - I suppose it is natural and it's a way of telling you to rest and relax and just take things as easy as you can - I hope today is calm and gentle for you and that you feel much better by this evening.

  2. Sending hugs and hoping you get a break from all the stress really soon.

  3. Your last paragraph made me smile, the one about how you feel. I don't know if I've ever heard complete exhaustion described so well.
    I am not saying it should have made me smile but it did.
    Like utter and complete giving up giving in and relieved that something is finally being done in the affirmative. I am relieved for you as well.

  4. Glad some things are getting sorted with your mum and brother. I have had to fight for help for family as well so know how frustrating it is. Hope you start feeling better soon.


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