Friday, 5 July 2019

Horrendous - Updated

Husband was well enough this morning to take me to Swindon to see my aunt in hospital....I'd spoken to cousin this morning, who basically said it was now or never.

It was horrendous, I never want to see a dying person again.  Horrible for aunt, who is drifting in and out of consciousness and is struggling to breathe, even with 100% oxygen, and traumatic for family watching.  She barely even knew I was there.

I hope it ends soon - nobody should have to end their days like that.


It's over, she's gone.


  1. Oh Sooze....I am so very sorry.
    My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Gentle hugs sweetheart-x-

  2. No, they shouldn't, it is a deeply distressing experience. I hope it ends soon too, no-one wins in situtions like this, poor lady.

    All my love to you.
    J x

  3. So sorry for your experience and glad she is at peace now.

  4. I am so sorry for you and your husband. X
    Hazel c il

  5. So sorry Sooze. I remember when my dad died I was not there and went to view his body after death, like you I will never do that again, it was awful. When Mum went I preferred to remember her has she was.
    I hope you are not too distressed but everything is just too much for you at the moment isn't it?
    I just hope things soon start improving.
    Lots of hugs

  6. Sadly this is how a lot of people die, it is not uncommon. I have sat with my grandma, grandad,dad and mother in law whilst they died and in each case the breathing was very laboured at the end - sometimes it can just be hours sometimes days but is a sign that death is close. I am told by the doctors that it sounds far worse for the onlooker than it is for the patient. It can be a shock if you have not experienced it before. However, your aunt is at peace now so just remember the good times you had with her - and if she knew you had gone specially to see her she would have been so grateful. Thinking of you x

  7. Dying is hard on the spectator. It's best if you remember them as they were when healthy alive and full of vigor. Sorry you had to experience that part of life.
    I am the person who has been to several death beds.
    Live for them now.

  8. I am sorry. When my mom was sick I took my kids to see her when she seemed well not realising when they saw her the next morning it was very bad.

  9. Thank you for updating. I am so glad she is at peace now. xxx

  10. I sat with my Dad as he died of Sepsis, It was horrible watching him suffer so badly and being unable to help him.
    I am glad your aunt is at peace now and I hope things start to get better for you and your husband from now on.


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