Sunday 6 February 2022

A day for staying indoors

 It's really windy again today, it was howling through the night, kept waking me up.  I hate wind and rain, especially together - I don't think it's actually raining at the moment but there is some forecast for mid morning.  We've got the strong winds all day, I think.  

I'm going to do another quick freezer and larder inventory today.  There are a couple of things I'm getting low on, but they'll last another which time we'll need some dairy and fresh veg.  No shopping done or needed as yet, so nothing spent for the first week of our low spend February challenge.

I've decided to do the menu planning a bit differently - I normally plan what we'll have for lunch and dinner every day, but it doesn't always work out exactly like that - we might not fancy a particular meal on that day, or I notice something needs using up quicker than anticipated, so my week's plan gets quite a bit of crossing out and rearranging.  So instead today I'm going to plan 2 or 3 weeks' worth of lunches and dinners, but just as a list, not on set days.  Each evening I'll look at the list and decide which lunch and dinner we'll be having the next day, based on what needs using up first or if we're going to be out or busy, necessitating a quick meal - something that needs minimal prep and cooking.  So then I can just tick or cross off each meal as we have it.  I don't plan for breakfasts - I often don't eat breakfast and if I do, it's usually just Greek yogurt with a bit of dry cereal and some nuts thrown in for a bit of crunch.  Husband does his own, usually toast, sometimes cereal or porridge.

Quite a busy week, we have 4 appointments between us, one of which is my hearing test, I'm pretty sure my hearing has deteriorated.  I want to make a list of the things we'll need to take with us on the first day we go back to the caravan, and I'll take a notebook to write down some measurements and anything we might need to do the work we're planning.  We're intending to get the work done by the end of March so we have the rest of the season to relax and enjoy ourselves.  I had a text from our lovely van neighbours Jean and Charlie, to say they're planning on coming to their van towards the end of March, that'll be nice.  Unlike us, they live a long way from the Park (3 hours drive for them), so they can't just pop in when they feel like it.  It'll be so good to see them again, Jean said they're really looking forward to it too.

I'm cracking on with the crocheted throws for the van, I want to get them both finished by the time we go at the beginning of March.  I'm now 3/4 of the way through both of them, so it should be doable.  To be honest, I'm getting a bit fed up of doing them now, I'll be glad to get them done.  The worst bit will be weaving in the ends.....I know I should do it as I go along, to make it less of a daunting task at the end, but I never do.

Well, it's now raining as well as blustery, husband and Betty have just gone out, both wearing their macs - I'm so glad husband doesn't mind walking in the rain, I hate it!  I'm not sure what Betty thinks of it, she's not terribly keen I don't think, bless her.


  1. I always think the worst weather is in February. Planning a walk this morning, but it's looking rather "damp"! The meal planning idea is a good one. We don't always fancy what we've planned for our meal, so having a list to choose from is a great idea. Tut, tut on the weaving ends in - lol. What I sometimes do is, every 5 rows, for example, weave in the ends. Seems to work for me as I'm not constantly changing from hook to needle, and I can see the work growing. Also gives my hands a change of movement, so they don't get stiff. Not long now until you can get to the caravan. I'm getting excited for you! xx

  2. We have had pouring rain, then sunshine. Now it is clouding over and I reckon there will be more rain in a while. At least it isn't all that cold right now.
    Good luck with the crochet!

  3. Other than I've on walking paths, which I'm dealing with, I like walking in most weather. It might not be as long though. I hope you find your motivation to get your crocheting done. Your blankets will be nice for your vacation spot.

  4. I often chuckle to myself when I'm knitting little cardigans - I hate sleeves and I hate weaving in the ends! The Weather is equally foul and squally up here brrrrr

  5. It's been blowing a hoolie all day here today and blimmin freezing. Definitely an indoor day.

  6. It will be good to have the crocheted throws in the caravan when you go there in March, it can get very chilly in the evenings in caravans early in the season, even if the day has been warm.

    I always crochet right around the edge of a crocheted blanket, just one or sometimes two complete 'laps' of the blanket. It saves having to weave in all the annoying little ends in as you can just catch them as you go. And of course it looks neat and can finish off a colour scheme really well.

  7. PS Best wishes to your sister as hopefully she gets the same news as the HG xxx Thank you for your comment x


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