Friday, 25 February 2022

Shit happens (edited)

 Thanks for the supportive and sympathetic comments, at least some people care!  It does sometimes feel like we are continually taking 2 steps forward then THREE back, and I wonder who has got it in for us and feel like I must have been a Very Naughty Girl in a previous life and am now getting payback for it.  Of course I know we're no different to anyone else, shit happens to everyone.  I'm trying not to dwell on it, and just focus on the caravan instead.  It is disrupting my sleep - and my guts - again though.  Oh, and I didn't ring the GP about my knee, the knee problems have been superseded by the car stuff.  Anyway, my knee support thing came yesterday (at least that's a good thing, it was supposed to come today) so hopefully that will help, it does feel quite supportive.

Yesterday, I did what I always find helpful in times of stress.....more baking, that always takes my mind off things for a while.  I used the remaining sheet of puff pastry to make 6 bacon and cheese turnovers, and then another dozen muffin sized cakes - marmalade and cinnamon this time.  All bagged up and in the freezer for caravan lunches, whilst we're doing the work, joining the sausage plait slices and mini fruit cakes I made yesterday.  One less thing for me to do in the mornings before we leave home, I can just grab a couple of bags out of the freezer and take them with some fruit, job done.  The lunches are a bit carb heavy, but I'll counteract that by having berry and yogurt smoothies for breakfasts, and meat/fish and green veg dinners.

I know our car having problems is a first world problem, and we have so many advantages and blessings - and we're not at war!

But here where we live, there are NO amenities (like shops, doctor, post office, vet - essentials like that) of any kind within walking distance, and NO public transport.  So a working reliable car is a necessity.  Also, without said car, we cannot get to our beloved caravan.

We can't afford to pay out unknown large sums of money, and potentially ongoing at that, on a car which is possibly going to keep going wrong - at the moment it seems every other time we use it, another warning light comes on or it goes into limp mode again - drivers behind us when that happens tend to get very annoyed.  We're trying not to use it unless it's absolutely necessary right now.  Hence our decision to get shot of it once it's (hopefully, everything crossed) transported all of the necessary stuff to and from our caravan whilst we're doing the work.  

Buying another, newer and hopefully more reliable, car is going to take a big chunk of husband's windfall pension he got a year ago.  That windfall is going down quite quickly, and will certainly run out altogether way before I'm eligible to receive my State pension.  So that's another big worry.  Worry is affecting both of us - headaches, gut problems and sleepless nights for us both.


  1. I always say that I must have been a very naughty person in a previous life and this one is my payback.. and I cook to take my mind of worrying or upsetting things too. Hopefully everything will soon be sorted and you can relax and enjoy that caravan of yours.

  2. Sometimes life can just be the total pits. I'm more sorry than I can say that this last week before The Van is such a difficult and miserable one.

    Is the support helping?

  3. Why does all the bad stuff seem to come at once? I'm sure it will all get sorted out, eventually, but in the meantime, have a virtual hug from me.🫂 xx

  4. I think I may have said something similar to DH recently when one phone call after another brought yet more bad news and then our car is playing up again which is always the last straw. You have all my sympathy Sooze - it will all get sorted I'm sure and in the meantime take care of yourself - you will soon be at the caravan and hopefully with better weather. x

  5. Sorry you are having a tough time, but you have each other and life is upside down sometimes try and look on the bright side you will be surprised how it helps.
    Several of my family lease a car so they don't have to worry about car bills.

  6. Stressful times…good luck with car..almost summer home time…

  7. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time at the moment, I'm a born worrier so I know how problems can affect your whole wellbeing. Everything will work out in the end but I know it's no consolation hearing this when you can't see any further than the problem at hand at the time.

  8. Why do you choose to live in a place where you’re so dependent on a car if you can’t drive? What happens if husband isn’t around?

  9. oh bloody hell Sooze, you could do without that! If I win the mega millions on the Euros I will buy you a new little car! Cant have you stressing about being apart from your caravan! Cross your fingers!

  10. Hugs. I understand. I have to drive 40 miles one way to get my mail and any essentials from home. Adding to it our lovely cold winters -42F today, a reliable vehicle is a must. I hope you can get it going enough to get the caravan sorted and then find a new to you reliable car. More hugs.

  11. Looks like you picked up a new reader….one not in know about where you live and why you live there😊

  12. We have a grocery store, gas, and bars close, but anything else, doctor, post, is miles away so can't imagine ( well I guess I can) being without the peace of mind of a functional car. Cars are a necessary evil. I'm sorry so much has gone wrong lately.


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