Thursday 24 February 2022

I spoke too soon

 Husband having spoken to the RAC (who we had to call out - again - last Saturday) and done some research, it seems the car has, potentially, much more serious and expensive problems than first thought.  The work being done by the local garage next Tuesday will only address one lesser problem, not the more serious one.  It will, hopefully, enable the car to be used for transporting the stuff backwards and forwards to/from the caravan, so we can finish the work there.  After that, we will have to get rid of it (the car that is, not the caravan!) - we cannot afford potentially expensive repairs on a car we no longer trust.  At least - hopefully (I have to keep thinking that) - the car will have fulfilled the purpose we bought it for, before we get shot of it and get another, hopefully more reliable, one.

I know there's always a risk when buying a second hand car, we have no real way of knowing whether it has potential problems that the seller has seen fit to conceal.  Or the car may develop new problems in the future, which again we have no control over.  But having had a couple of cars in the past few years that have caused us no end of headaches and expensive, ultimately futile, repairs, we don't want to have to go through that with this car.

Bloody nuisance, and a worrying one at that.


  1. Oh no, I understand what you say about needing a car you can trust. Breaking down is very stressful not to mention blimmin expensive

  2. It is a problem. We had a car that had had several repairs and we decided to get rid of it and get a newer one. We loved the car and were reluctant to get rid of it but we did. Someone must have bought it because we saw that same car on the road several times after we sold it and could have kicked ourselves as if we had repaired it it would have gone on for a lot longer. It's roulette I'm afraid.
    But like you, we need a car, it's essential.

  3. My hubby always says buy a used car from a main dealer. It will cost more, but (hopefully) any issues will have been sorted. Such a shame it's giving you such trouble, but I hope you can sort it out without too much hassle/expense. xx

  4. Do you have anyone in the family with mechanical knowledge that can come with you both when you buy the next car? Having a son that is a fully trained mechanic and car fanatic has been a real help to me over the years. Even if I buy something that is not right one visit from him and he can either put it right or advise me to sell it on.

    I must say once I was in a position to buy my cars new it changed a lot for me, you at least have the warranty and a garage that looks after it.

  5. I hate car shopping- my husband is the family expert so does the choosing. He's helped many family members.

  6. Oh, no. What a pain for you. You just never know with cars, do you?

  7. My sister phoned me last week from the garage seeing g to her car. They had just told her it was going to cost £1600 to repair. She said no, bought a little Clio for £1500 and sold her old car for scrap for £275. She was really stressed out for a few days.


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