Friday 11 February 2022

Good news for neighbour, and NHS chaos for husband

 My shopping yesterday came to £68.75, which I was very pleased with - it's the first time of shopping since 31 January, and is enough, along with what we already have in the freezers and larder, to last the rest of this month, hopefully.  So a very cheap shopping month, and the remainder of my shopping budget will be transferred to my savings account at the end of the month if I don't need to shop again.  I also stuck to the list....other than some pate husband sneaked into the trolley, and a half price quiche I got which will make a quick lunch with some salad for tomorrow and Saturday.

We did the neighbour's little bit of shopping, husband rang her bell, put the bag on the doorstep and stepped back when she opened the door.  She's just let us know via an excited email that she's now tested negative this morning, which is good news.

I'm going to Specsavers for my hearing test this morning, it will be interesting to see if my hearing has actually got worse, as I think it has.  If it has, then I'll have to get in touch with my GP for another referral to the NHS hearing clinic.  I'm going to Specsavers first, because it's far quicker to get an appointment that way, and their test is actually much more detailed than the NHS one.  If I do need new hearing aids, it'll have to be NHS ones though, much as I'd like the private ones - I just can't afford them.

Some readers may recall that towards the latter part of last year husband opted to change to Yeovil hospital instead of Taunton for his prostate problems, on the advice of Taunton who claimed that Yeovil had a shorter waiting list.....which we've subsequently found out isn't true at all.  Since then, he's had various letters and phone calls from Yeovil, during which it's become obvious that they are in complete disarray - the left hand doesn't seem to know what the right hand is doing, his notes either get lost or aren't put on computer, one consultant says one thing which is the opposite of what another says.  Last week husband had a letter giving an appointment for bladder tests - at South Petherton hospital, which is even further away than Yeovil.  Yesterday, he had another letter, giving him a telephone appointment with a consultant at Yeovil hospital - on the same day and almost the same time as the bladder tests at S.Peth.  He rang Yeovil to query it and tell them he couldn't be in two places at the same time......only for them to say they knew nothing about the bladder wasn't on their system!  As I said, one hand does not know what the other hand is doing.  The phone consultation has been rearranged for later in the month.  As a result of him transferring to Yeovil, it appears they are treating him as a new patient and going back to the beginning, doing all the same tests and consultations as he has already had - several times, over the past more than 2 years at Taunton hospital.  It's ridiculous, a resolution for his ongoing prostate problems is just getting further and further away......

Thanks for all the comments, seems we all agree that Boris really has gone bonkers.  It occurred to me also that if nobody has to self isolate from the end of the month if they've tested positive, then presumably people won't even bother getting tested - what's the point if it no longer matters if you are positive?  So you can just go out to work, shopping, socialising, whatever, and breathe your Covid germs over everyone (because you no longer have to wear a mask or wash your hands) and infect everyone around you.  Well, we will still continue testing every few days, wearing masks, using hand sanitiser when out and washing hands the minute we get back home.  But it's going to be more difficult - practically impossible I'd say - to avoid catching the virus from the end of the month.  Let's just hope that those of us who are still vulnerable (our vulnerability doesn't change!) and catch it, have a mild dose and don't end up in hospital.


  1. Glad your neighbour has tested negative. Mind you, as you say, in a couple of weeks time, no-one will need to test anyway and we can all go about spreading our Covid bugs to all and sundry! I've only ever had 1 hearing test, and that was an NHS one 3 years ago, so I can't compare with how it used to be. I was pleasantly surprised. Seemed to be very thorough, she could tell me the level of hearing loss in both ears. I even got to choose what colour aids I had! As I've said before, the batteries last about 2 weeks and I get 12 months supply at a time. I just ring up and they send batteries, replacement life tubes (I get about 4 of each, to change every 3 months or so) and cleaning wires. I remember my parent's old NHS aids - these are nothing like those. So sorry your hubby is still having fun and games with his hospital appointments. It seems to be a country-wide problem. Let's hope, now the Covid crisis is diminishing🤞, the NHS can start to get back to the old organised chaos! xx

    1. Oh, forgot to say, when I saw my GP about hearing loss, she gave me the choice of 2 Specsavers or hospital. All the appointments were a few days apart. I only chose the hospital as it was easier to get to, but presumably, all the tests are the same wherever. xx

  2. I am petrified - my husband is on chemo and catching Covid could be catastrophic for him. What is that wretched, wretched man thinking?! What a cock up regarding your husband! Things are chaotic. I love the NHS but something is going seriously awry.

  3. I'm interested to hear that you can get your ears tested at Specsavers. When I asked, admittedly a couple of years ago, they said I could only have a 'free' test if I commited to buying their hearing aids. otherwise I needed to go through my GP. I might ask next time I see the GP as I know my hearing is failing. Not enough to blank out the husband's snoring though.

  4. I think it is far too soon, to be honest. All I can say is, I will continue to wear my mask, keep my hands clean and, should I prove to be positive, I will isolate as expected right now.

  5. So sorry to read about your Husbands appointments and treatment, I don't see an end to all these issues anytime soon. The vulnerable have once again been forgotten sadly, which is such a shame when they were protected so well at the start of the pandemic.

  6. What a waste of NHS funds having to have the tests and consultations done twice - this presumably is why they are short of money and meanwhile your husbands health could be getting worse. I really have no faith in the system - my scan for the lump in my neck which may or may not be cancerous (I had neck and Thyroid cancer in 2008) was ordered last March / April and still not had an appointment to go. I am still waiting for my blood test results from December! My consultant who is a lovely man has been a team of one for more that 4 years as they cannot fill the post for another consultant. Since the pandemic he has had to limit the time spent in his usual clinics to go and deal with all the Covid patients who have developed thyroid problems as a result of catching the virus. We had a letter to say a virtual clinic appointment would be set up but even that is now on the back boiler as there is no one to get it up and running.
    I can't imagine shopping without my mask now - it would be like when you eventually stop pushing a pushchair you feel a bit without something.

  7. So sorry to hear that your hubby is jumping through hoops to get NHS treatment. It all seems so chaotic at the moment doesn't it. G is still having telephone appointments which get cancelled and rearranged for 6 weeks later and he's no further forward with his treatment than he was 2 years ago.
    Regarding the scrapping of Covid rules I can see chaos ahead there too. We are still wearing masks, testing and washing hands and see no reason to change. Sensible people will carry on doing so and the idiots will carry on as they have done throughout the pandemic. All we can do is do our best under the circumstances Sooze. I think you are right in saying that we will all get the virus at some point now, hopefully a mild version 😕

  8. Forgot to say... A brilliant result with your shopping!


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