Friday 18 February 2022

Storm prep

 I cancelled my ear microsuction appointment and rearranged it for Monday - living in a rural area with narrow lanes and loads of trees, it didn't seem sensible to expect husband to drive me to town this morning.

Well, it was a quiet night, didn't hear any wind until the last part of the night/early morning, and even then it's only been a few strong gusts.  It is supposed to get stronger this morning, up until lunchtime, we're not planning on going anywhere.  Betty will just have to go in the garden until later on this afternoon, when the weather has calmed down enough for husband to take her for a (probably short) walk.

Our neighbours 2 doors away have a huge conifer tree in their garden, much taller than the house, it engulfs the pole which has all the electricity cables leading to our 4 houses here that are owned by our farm landlords.  Well, the electricity company had finally arranged for the tree to be chopped down....the men are supposed to be coming to do it TODAY.  Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen!  Let's hope the tree isn't blown down and wrecks 2 of the houses - and if it does come down it'll bring the power cables down with it.  We are expecting a power cut anyway, we frequently get them here in any case.  We've already filled our vacuum flask with boiling water and charged up our phones, we have torches and plenty of candles.  We have a camping gas stove and several cans of gas for it, we also have plenty of blankets (both fleece and crocheted) in case the power is off for hours.  It's not actually very cold at the moment though, nor is it raining, just windy.  As I'm typing this, the wind is picking up now.  We wouldn't be at all surprised if our internet goes off as well - there's another big tree (loads of trees here) round the corner in the lane which presses on the internet cable (no fibre broadband here, we're too rural).  BT have been saying for years they'd come and prune/chop down the tree, but to date they haven't, I guess it's because we're such a tiny hamlet here with not many households.  I have internet on my phone, so if the home broadband goes off I can still be connected....unless the storm affects my phone wifi too.

In circumstances like this, I often think well our parents and grandparents didn't have all the mod cons we have, and they managed perfectly well, it was just a way of life for them.  So I'm sure we can do the same, we're just too used to having everything on tap (so to speak) and very few real hardships.

We had to take Betty back to the vets yesterday, she'd somehow split one of the claws on her back left foot right down the middle, very low down.  It was clearly bothering her, she kept lifting that foot up when standing and when sitting she was constantly licking and worrying at it.  It did look a bit pink and I was concerned that her constant licking might result in an infection.  The vet examined it, clipped the nail as best she could and wiped her foot over with some antiseptic.  She said although it's clearly sore, there's no infection at the moment, we're to just wipe it down with warm water when she comes back from a walk, try to stop her from the constant licking, and keep an eye on it.  They didn't even charge us at the vets, which was nice of them.  Betty seems to be feeling much happier now, she's hardly licking the foot at all and isn't lifting it up anymore.

Oddly, the wind seems to have dropped a bit again, so husband is just taking her out for a short walk during this lull.

I'll publish this now whilst we still have electricity!  Stay indoors and keep safe, everyone.


Well, our electricity went off just after 9 am. I hope it's not going to be days before it's back on.


  1. Nearly 8am and wind just picking up and rain getting heavier over here in Mid Suffolk.
    We both sound as ready as we can be.
    Stay indoors I think is the best advice - I don't need much encouragement to do that today!

  2. No wind here at the moment, but the sky is getting greyer and darker by the minute. I hope the storm doesn't bring down the trees near you. Your preparations sound sensible. Time to hunker down and stay safe. Glad Betty's injury is starting to heal. xx

  3. Weirdly, although it's windy with occasional very strong gusts, we have no rain but bright blue sky and sunshine!

  4. There's a terrifyingly big conifer in the church ground behind our house. My neighbours and I have been watching it very warily. We're all convinced it's going to come down and cause a lot of damage. Hope you aren't lashed by the storm today. x

  5. Hope you have plans for something to eat? Rain starting to ease here now, very wet. Gusts are due to be in excess of 85 mph in the next hour or so, for about 6 hours:(

  6. Thankfully the storm has missed us altogether. Stay safe.

  7. Stay safe, we have all we need for the whole weekend, we are not even going to walk to the village if it's too bad. If power goes off we have a small gas camping ring, we kept from our campervan and plenty of gas, should be able to boil kettles for our close neighbours.

  8. Stay safe, it sounds like you have done all that you possibly can to be comfortable if your power stays off for any length of time.

    We were always pleasantly surprised in North Wales at the care shown by all the companies that had power lines and phone lines crossing our land and in our woodlands. After every storm they would come and 'walk the lines' and be back almost immediately to take down any branches or trees that might affect the power etc. This was on top of the annual review and pruning of all the trees. Any trees or branches they took down they would pile the logs neatly at the edge of our woods for us to collect and add to the log store. Once we got to know them they started to deliver wood and chippings from other properties that didn't want to keep them, it saved us a fortune.

  9. Just seen your update. I hope the electricity isn't off for too long. What about all the food in your freezers if it's off for a few days? Oh, dear! xx

  10. My little blue shed was raised up in the air and plopped down before our very eyes while we were sitting in the window having breakfast, that's how strong the wind it here in Brighton. My Daughter tells me that it is here for the whole of the weekend, hope not. Every time a bin falls over all the cats scoot, lol
    Let's hope you get your electric back soon.

  11. Hugs. We have frequent power outages too. I hope yours is a short one. Fingers crossed the tree stays standing.


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