Monday, 28 February 2022


 A few of you have mentioned how organised I am - thank you.  There are a few reasons for this.  I HAVE to be organised - it keeps me grounded, I get very stressed if I'm not organised and on top of things, I am a bit of a control freak.  And besides, one of us has to be organised - husband certainly isn't!  He's the absolute opposite of me, you'd be hard pushed to find anyone LESS organised than him, he's a total nightmare.  And getting everything organised the past week or so has kept me busy and sane, what with the bloody nuisance car stuff going on which is stressing both of us more and more.  We went for a short test drive yesterday, the thing went into limp mode within 5 minutes of leaving home.  Switching the engine off and then on again after a couple of minutes does seem to reset it - but just how many times are we going to have to do that on the way to the caravan (a 40 minute journey)?  Could end up taking us a couple of hours! 😒  We did think about hiring a Transit van, but obviously that's going to cost and it seems husband's age is against him....the hire place we've used a few times in the past has an age limit of 70, and he's now 71.  I guess it's their insurance requirements.

Husband is beating himself up about the car, but it's my fault as much as his - I should have trusted my instincts.  Last year after closing up the caravan, we'd talked about what we wanted to do for this year and planned for the work - taking out the old uncomfortable original fixed seating and putting in new freestanding 2 seater sofa and recliner chair.  We also want a divan style bed with storage drawers under to replace the noisy creaking metal framed bed, it'll be a second hand one, in good condition, obviously.  So we knew our little Fiat, lovely though it was, wouldn't transport everything, hence why we traded it in for a bigger van-like car.  We don't need to have a car of this size once the work is done, although if it wasn't so problematic, we'd probably have kept it indefinitely.  When we went to see and test drive this car, I didn't want it right from the off, for several reasons.  I should have just said No there and then, but again for various reasons, I didn't.  Silly me - hindsight is a wonderful thing.  It won't happen again.  We'll probably go for an estate car next, that'll suit our needs.

I was busy again yesterday - washing done (I'm trying to get that all done before we start caravan stuff, as I won't have time then), rice pudding made, veggies all prepped for dinner yesterday and today, menus planned for this week.  Got a couple of pies to make and freeze today, then I'll have a (more) restful day tomorrow, whilst the car is in the garage having one of the warning light problems sorted.  We most likely won't be having the rest of the problems dealt with, as we don't want to be spending loads of money on a vehicle we'll be getting rid of.


  1. I totally understand - it's the same for me. I'm not naturally organised but have trained myself to have spells of being so, just because life would be so chaotic without it! It's what keeps me together!

    I do hope something can be sorted re the car - it's such an essential thing.

  2. Yes, it's a good thing you're organised! I wonder if it's nature or nurture that makes men so useless at it?🤔 I hope the car is fixed enough for you to get to the caravan in one go. Having to stop every few minutes would put anyone's stress levels through the roof! Not long now and you'll be in your van, everything sorted and you can r*e*l*a*x. xx

  3. I reckon being organised is good for mental health - certainly is for me.
    Hope you get to the caravan as planned without too many stops

  4. I can definitely recommend an estate car. Preferably a Ford. Back seats down, use as a van. Petrol, with a small engine. Good for plodding along.

  5. Can you afford to just bite the bullet and trade it in for a 'new to you' car straight away, it would save a lot of worry and headaches.

  6. Is there a man with a van locally that you could hire to take all your stuff to the van in one go and do the same with the run to the tip. It might be cheaper and less stressful in the long run.

  7. Excited for your summer home to begin tomorrow…
    Excited for you to find reputable vehicle…I know this is silly but maybe move closer to an area where walking is feasible…just a suggestion…I have moved 31 times and difficult today the least…prayers

  8. Just read all the advice we are giving g you my friend lol

  9. Hugs. Don't beat yourself up about the car. Stuff happens and sometimes it's impossible to trust the instincts the way that you would like. It's also a crazy car market at the moment. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


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