Thursday, 10 February 2022

Boris's latest madness, and Royal stuff

 And yet another good sleep last night......what's going on?!

I don't really know what to think about Boris's announcement yesterday that all restrictions will probably be lifted at the end of this month.  My first thought was that it's madness - especially the bit where he said people who have tested positive will no longer have to self-isolate.  So you can be infected with Covid and carry on going out and spreading it to everyone else?  So how will we know who's infected?  Frightening.  Husband just looked at me with a resigned expression on his face and said "We're going to catch it, aren't we?".  It IS scary, especially when we've been so careful to avoid it up till now.  I think Boris has just said it to try and save himself from being booted out.

Thank you for all the lovely comments, once again.  Sam, yes the Jubilee is the 70th anniversary of our Queen's accession, after her father died.  I hope she actually survives until the celebrations in June, I can't imagine she's going to live much longer, she's certainly got more frail looking since her darling husband died.  I understand her sense of duty, she's said her entire life will be dedicated to the service of her people, but it seems a shame she won't abdicate and pass on the reins to Prince Charles.  If anyone deserves a rest, it's her.  Oh, and just for the record, much as I liked Diana (despite her faults), I do think Camilla will make a great Queen Consort, she's much more suited to Charles than Diana was, and she's not put a foot wrong since she married him, she's quiet and dignified, but also has a great sense of humour.  I also think Kate, William's wife, is a wonderful asset to the Royal Family.  I'll keep my thoughts about Harry and Meghan to myself, except to say I do feel a bit sorry for Harry - but he's made his bed, he's got to lie in it, as the saying goes.  I feel more sorry for Charles and Meghan's Dad, not being able to see their grandchildren growing up.

Neighbour has emailed a short list of stuff she needs when we go shopping this morning, she's still showing as positive but says she still feels fine.

I've finished the blue throw - I did take a photo of it but have just looked at my phone cam pictures and it didn't come out, for some odd reason, user error I expect.  Will try again later.  So I'll be continuing the striped one now, hopefully that'll be finished by the end of the month.  Another day nearer Caravan Day!  (There, I almost got away with doing a post without mentioning the caravan! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).


  1. Totally with you on the latest Boris announcement. I can't help feeling it's a political move to distract people from Partygate. I do worry for all the people who are immunosuppressed. They'll be back into a self-enforced lockdown. I don't think the Queen will ever abdicate, as I feel she (and her late mother) blamed Edward's abdication for her father's death. I think she'll continue to take a back seat, though and let Charles take on more responsibilities for her. As for certain other members of the royal household, least said! So pleased you're still sleeping well. Whatever the reason, take it! xx

  2. You are right - Boris appears to be capable of saying ~anything~ to protect himself. Sighs. Breathes deeply . . .

    I suspect the next thing is that free LFT's will be withdrawn, and most people will not buy them (with current inflation they may not be able to afford to) and then the majority will have no way of knowing if they are infected or not, if they do not have major symptoms.

    But in Boris-world, as they do not have to isolate when infected it won't matter 🀬

  3. Don't get me started - in my mind Boris is not a fit person to be leading our country, he just lies and bluffs his way through as the mood takes him. He keeps harping on about the vaccine rollout but a different leader might have done the same - we will never know. I feel sorry for the Queen who has to see him as she is the complete opposite of him - she cares for the good of the country and the people. As they say with people like Boris give someone enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves - we just have to bide our time. I hope you stay Covid free - I think it is much more like a common cold now and you can probably avoid some infection by keeping to some of the old rules where possible - distancing sanitising, washing hands etc. xx
    You will be able to get away to your caravan soon and no doubt be less likely to catch anything there.

  4. You'll be much safer once you can get to the caravan, and hopefully with Spring on the way we should all be safer with more fresh air etc. Like you, me and Alan just looked at each other when the no-isolation was announced.

    Boris has to go, he's making us look bad as a country now as he's just in the news for all the wrong reasons.

  5. Hi Sooze - I feel just the same as you re ALL of the above!

  6. Boris is and has always been a buffoon. Unfortunately we have no real opposition at the moment. Why are we so soft? Other countries are making energy companies such up some of the price hikes. We've done nothing. Blood boil doesn't 😀 come near.
    PS: I can't find Sue's blog, have I missed something? 😒

    1. I am wondering the same thing. It says for invited readers only. Glad I found your new blog though.

    2. Thanks Cheryl. Weird isn't it. Hope all is OK with Sue. X

  7. First I live in the US and we have a moron in office who has no idea what is going on. I read somewhere that everyone will in fact get the virus at some point.

  8. This is what our provincial leader is doing in Saskatchewan as well. Scary as our cases of bad infections while trending lower, will not be doing so for long. I am going to continue wearing my mask and will not be heading out to eat anymore.

    I just say those that are doing this are playing to their base voters and not thinking of those of us who could be infected and get a really bad case.

    God bless.


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