Monday 14 February 2022

Valentines and other expenses

 Ok, so it's Valentine's Day......not that it means much to us, husband isn't the lovey-dovey type and never has been, I could count on the fingers of one hand (with a couple of fingers missing) the number of times he's got me a card or flowers for Valentine's.  So I'm not expecting anything today, and am sure I won't be disappointed!  Never mind, I know he loves me.

However, and despite our low spend food challenge this month, we have bought one of the Valentine's Meal Deals (from M&S, no less) for today - simply because we both fancied it, having seen it advertised on TV.  We chose Leek & Cheese Souffle Tarts for the starter.....well, we never eat 3 courses, just too much food in one go for us nowadays (well, for me anyway, husband could probably manage it).  So instead of having it as a starter, we're having them for lunch with some salad.  For the main course we've picked Duck Breasts with Plum Sauce - we both really like duck.  We're having Dauphinoise Potatoes as the side dish, I'll do long stem broccoli as well.  The pudding is Billionaires Pots, a sort of caramel and Belgian chocolate mini cheesecake affair.  A bottle of wine or fizz or box of chocolates is included in the deal - well, I don't drink wine (or any alcohol now come to that), husband's not a great wine lover, so we chose the chocolates.....and very nice they were too, we had them over the weekend.  So whilst the £20 cost is much more than I would pay for a dinner I've cooked at home, it's actually 2 meals for us (lunch and dinner), plus a really nice box of chocolates we enjoyed over Saturday and Sunday.  Which makes the cost much more acceptable, and anyway, you have to treat yourselves now and then!

It's an expensive day today, well week actually, one way or another.  Husband is taking Betty to the vet this morning for her annual check up and booster jab, she's also having ear trouble again so no doubt will have ear drops put in husband won't get much change out of £100 I don't think.  And Wednesday she's going to the groomers, another £15 (which is cheap, it's the local agricultural college who do it).  Ah well, she's worth every penny.  And I can't complain, not that I would anyway, I'm having to pay £50 to have my ears vacuumed (wax removal by microsuction) on Friday!  And apparently it only takes about 10 minutes! 😱

I've finished both caravan throws now.....haven't yet taken photos, I will do when I remember!  I've been so enjoying crocheting again lately that I've already started another throw - you can't have too many throws can you?  And anyway, I've got plenty of yarn to use up.


  1. I was just saying to Tony the other day that it's so expensive to have a pet dog these days. When we were kids everyone had a pet dog but I don't recall huge vet bills.

    1. You're right Cherie, I don't recall my parents ever taking our family dogs to the vets....and they were fed mainly on kitchen scraps, no expensive dog food. And they all seemed to be fine!

  2. I love to crochet throws, and yes I do have too many, I would like to make another, but I really don't need one, I have enough yarn here to make it. The sun is shinning here, so off for a walk.

  3. Yum those duck breasts with plum sauce sound wonderful I read back and learnt why you love your caravan and I agree its wonderful to own your own home and you're taking great joy in doing it up like a new home. Hope we'll see the finished throws.

  4. We don't get each other Valentine's day presents or cards (or, for that matter, birthday or Christmas). We say I love you every day and can't be doing with the commercialisation of it all. If there's something we want, we'll buy it, no matter what the day. Your meal deal was a bargain, and a bit of chocolate never goes amiss! I have so many crocheted blankets, and I do love them. Do I need more? Probably!😁 xx

  5. I bought a puppy when I was 16 with my first month's wages from Tower View kennels. It was so ill when I collected it from the train station. My mum rang the vet who came to the house, injected pup and gave me tablets. Quietly told my mum that it wouldn't live and he was not charging her. It did live to a very good age as we gave it beaten eggs to drink (couldn't eat food)
    Oh for the days when vets really had a heart.

  6. Nope, you can never have too many throws, or quilts for that matter.

    Your Valentines meal sounds wonderful.

    God bless.

  7. One of our cats has allergies and has to get a shot at the vet every few months which I'm sure didn't happen 50 years ago. Did cats not have allergies? Or did they just spend their lives sneezing?!

  8. That sounds like a nice meal to me and things you like and the best part didn't have to cook. Happy Valentine's Day to you...

  9. What a brilliant idea to split the three course over two meals, and yes £20 for two meals AND a box of chocolates is a treat well worth having.


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