Friday 11 June 2021

A bit of unpleasantness, and a lovely surprise

 Something not so nice today, but hopefully it can be resolved.

As I mentioned before, a couple of weeks before we bought the caravan, the site owner suddenly told us that another couple were interested in buying the same caravan.  At the time, I wasn't entirely sure I believed him, I thought he might have made them up in order to try and persuade us to part with more money.  Well, it appears they do actually exist, as we met them this morning, they've bought the van next door to ours, as a second choice.  Well, husband met the wife, she was outside their caravan unloading their car, husband was his usual cheerful self and introduced himself - he was met with a decidedly lukewarm response though.  It transpires that they used to have a touring caravan on a seasonal pitch here, last year they told the site owner they were interested in buying the van we've now got - I suspect for the same reason we were so interested.....the fenced garden, as they have 2 small, elderly, very yappy spaniels.  The couple were firmly told by the site owner that they couldn't have the caravan, as he was intending to get rid of it and replace it (on the same plot) with a much newer (for that read much more expensive!) van.  They couldn't afford that, so went away for a few months and reappeared recently asking to buy, if not this van, then another.  They are not at all impressed that the site owner has allowed us to buy this van, having refused them.

As I've said before, the bottom line is that the site owner is a businessman, and will do whatever he wants.  I suspect I know why he agreed to sell to us and not them, the fact that he chose to sell to us is his business, the decision is nothing to do with us.  Later on when I was painting the lounge, I noticed the husband standing in his van doorway, watching me - I smiled and gave him a wave, his response was to glare at me then stomp inside and shut his door.....not very friendly!

I hope it's not going to sour things between us, we are neighbours after all, and I can understand them feeling a bit disgruntled.  Frankly, however, I don't really care much at the moment, I'm far too busy to be worrying about their hurt feelings.  In due course, and when I get an opportunity, I will have a friendly chat with them and see if we can get past their current grumpiness.

So this morning, having got to the van early, I painted half of the lounge.  I would have liked to have done all of it, but we didn't take Betty and I don't like to leave her home alone for too long.  Besides which, by midday it was getting too hot and my arm, neck and shoulder were aching.  I reckon I will need to apply a second coat, so another 3 sessions should see the lounge painting completed, there are a lot of cupboards and edges to paint around.  Husband took the remaining ghastly iridescent tiles off the kitchen wall, apart from a couple of small areas which were proving impossible to remove without some other tool (which he didn't have).  He then sugar soaped the walls, and measured up - we're having a complete new worktop and sink unit, he'll fit them himself.  There's a woodyard not far from us which sells worktops - odd sizes, surplus stock, slight seconds, all at amazingly cheap prices - we bought one from them some years ago for about £15 or £20, so will be able to get another well within our budget.

The replacement covers for the sofa cushions arrived today - I really like them, it's going to look so much nicer.  Obviously we won't take the cushions back to the van until I've finished painting the lounge, I'll take more photos then.

And thank you everyone, yes I am feeling so much better now, this project has really rejuvenated me - well, both of us.  Even the grumpy neighbours haven't dampened my spirits - everyone else we've met has been really nice, and I dare say they'll calm down eventually.

Just had the most wonderful surprise - an unexpected visitor, the partner of my lovely friend Toni who died of cancer last December.  I was devastated when she died, especially since I couldn't visit her in her last days, or go to her funeral.  He was making a delivery in the area and called in to see us and give me a thank you card (thank you for being a good friend to her!!  It was she who was such a good friend to me!) and, totally unexpectedly, a small legacy that Toni had told her partner she particularly wanted me to have.  So kind of her, and D for bringing it, and for coming to see us.


  1. You're right to try and ignore the neighbours' grumpiness. It's not your fault they didn't get the caravan. Let's hope they eventually realise that! What a lovely surprise visit from your late friend's partner, and how nice that your friend valued your friendship so much. xx

  2. While I understand they are mad the owner said no to them not you. Not a good look to sulk toyou.

  3. Such a wonderful surprise seeing your friends husband and receiving your gift from her. Hopefully your neighbours will soon get over themselves, disappointing but certainly not your fault.

  4. The decision was made by someone else and not you. It happens. I hope they can overcome this and enjoy being neighbours.

  5. Enjoy your self with the legacy.
    Your might find out your neighbours will be nice when you get to know them.
    Hazel c 🌈🌈🌈

  6. What a lovely friend (and her partner) to leave something for you as a thank you for your friendship and so good of him to visit and bring it.
    I hope the ill-feeling goes away also that the yappy dogs don't spoil your enjoyment of your relaxing times at the caravan. I'm loving the updates of what you are doing and really looking forward to the photos.

  7. Love your van stories…ignore nastiness

  8. Assume jealousy from the couple.
    How about killing them with kindess. Act like you have no clue what they are talking about you getting the van.
    Be so sweet they can't stand it. :)

  9. I would keep smiling, be candy-floss nice and, hopefully, they will come round. After all - not your fault.
    What a delightful surprise from a dear friend. Very heart warming.
    I'm loving the ongoing stories of what you're doing and how it's all going.


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