Friday, 4 June 2021

Day 1 of the big caravan clean up

 Suemn, you asked how far the caravan is from our home - it's 40 minutes drive.  Husband doesn't want to drive long distances anymore, so this is perfect for us, and it means we can just up and go at short notice - if the weather turns out to be unexpectedly fine and we have nothing else on, e.g.  And HH - I will certainly take and put on here plenty of photos.....although, having said that, I actually forgot today, other than a couple of the overgrown garden when we first arrived.

It turned out to be a bit of a frustrating day.  It transpired there was no key for the electric meter box, husband couldn't initially find the tap to turn the water on outside (it was totally covered up with weeds and plants), when he did manage to cut the undergrowth (or rather, very much OVERgrowth!) down and find the tap, turning it on produced leaks from umpteen places underneath the caravan, plus the kitchen sink tap didn't seem to want to turn off properly, and a bit of water leaked out of the gas fired boiler.  Husband got it all under control eventually, but it was a bit stressful whilst it was going on.  It didn't help that the underneath of the caravan is totally enclosed by a makeshift 'skirt' (large tiles all along one side, paving slabs stood upright round the rest), so it was all a bit hit and miss trying to find where the leaks were coming from.  The previous van owner, who died around 18 months or so ago, was apparently the unofficial site handyman - I would say he was a bit of a bodger!

The other problem - well, it's a problem for me! - is that the caravan interior is full of cobwebs, they are absolutely everywhere, and it really gives me the willies - I know it's ridiculous, but I am severely arachnophobic.  We'd taken over our rechargeable vacuum cleaner, it's one of those stick ones not a little car vac thing.  We couldn't take the Dyson as the electricity isn't yet switched on - we can't have it on until it's been serviced and certified safe to use, I don't want to be electrocuted!  Well, the rechargeable, not the most powerful as it is, just wasn't up to the job, and even though I was trying to be brave, I was a bag of nerves trying to tackle the bigger and/or thicker cobwebby bits.  I did start off helping husband with the garden - I raked up what he'd strimmed, but eventually it got too hot for me out there so I had to go inside, thinking I'd take my courage in both hands and make a start on the vacuuming.  I just had to give up in the end though before I had a nervous breakdown.  

I really want to make a start on the cleaning, but can't do that until all the cobwebs are gone.  Husband says he'll tackle the cobwebs when we go back there on Monday, whilst I prune the overgrown shrubs around the caravan.  Oddly enough, I'm not so worried about 8-legged things outside - I wouldn't like it if one ran over my foot(!!), but they don't scare me as much outside.....I suppose because it's not an enclosed space.  Oh, and we're buying a more powerful cordless vacuum tomorrow, seeing as our present one is so feeble.

With all the problems I did have a bit of a wobble today, wondering if we've taken on too much of a big job.  Now I'm home, showered (I was really hot and bothered), just eaten dinner (a previously-made cottage pie so I didn't have to cook when I got home) and calmed down a bit, I feel fine again - yes it's all going to be a big job, but we'll get there, a bit at a time.  I shall feel SO much better once the cobwebs are gone and I can give everything a thorough clean, then we can make a start on the decorating.  I know it's going to look really nice when it's all done.  And, the best thing, it's all ours and we can decorate and furnish it exactly how we want.  

Whilst we were sitting eating lunch there (I'd taken a packed lunch), we both agreed that it's a gorgeous site, very peaceful, lovely views.  We met a few of the neighbours, couples mostly a bit older than us, who all seem very friendly.

Betty - well, she didn't know what to make of it all, she's always a bit nervous and unsettled in new places.  I'd taken a couple of toys and some treats over for her, as well as her water bowl and a big bottle of water, but had forgotten to take one of her beds - must do that on Monday.  Not that she would have laid in it much, she was far too interested in what we were doing, and kept following me around everywhere - she does that at home too actually, she's my shadow.  As soon as we got home, she lay down and went straight to sleep - think all the adrenaline (hers and mine!) wore her out, bless her.


  1. I hope you sleep well after the day .

  2. I'm sure it won't be long before you've tamed it all! As for cobwebs, I have a long handled fluffy duster which I gather the cobwebs on (and sometimes the 8 legged things that shall not be named!) then shake outside. Might be worth a try, if you can face seeing them on the duster! xx

    1. HH, these cobwebs are industrial size and thickness! (the van has been unoccupied for more than 18 months). I do have a feather duster (well, feather/fluffy type), but not sure I'd want to use it on them! xx

  3. So much of the fun is the getting it to look how you want, I loved doing the inside of our campervan, our problem was we never had enough time to use it as much as we wanted.

  4. I am so thrilled that you have found yourself a holiday home, it will be a lovely haven for you once you have done the initial work on it. What fun to get it how you want it with the decor and accessories.

  5. It's horrible when everything is too yucky. For me it took a strong stomach, rubber gloves and bleach to get our house to acceptable condition following much black mold and rats! I too don't mind insects in the garden but not in the house. To put my mind at rest, (the place had been neglected for years and empty for over a year) once we'd thrown out all the carpets I bought some flea bombs which kill all insects, and set one off in each room. You can get them on-line or from pet shops. Once the worst is over I'm sure you'll have lots of fun doing up your caravan.

  6. So sorry you had a very bad state that the caravan been left in, hope it meant that the price was a lot cheaper. It would have been better to have had somebody come in and clean it up and they could have sold it for more. I was so lucky when I brought my bungalow that it was in tip top condition.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  7. It will all be worth it, cobwebs and all. X


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