Saturday, 19 June 2021

Another step nearer

 So today we (well, husband actually) ripped out the kitchen base units - what a mess!  Still, they're out now, the floor isn't too bad but the wall needs a bit of tidying up and repair before decorating.  We've decided we'll probably leave the wall units up and just paint them white, to match the new base units.  They're basically ok and it'll be less work (and less expense).  All the stuff we're doing is kind of a work in progress, in that we do have plans but they're fluid - eg they change and adapt to the circumstances.  Which makes it kind of exciting!  Husband also took out one of the 2 twin beds in the second bedroom - I only want one bed in there, to give more room, it's so cramped with two.  And I want another chest of drawers in there.  He then took up the horrible carpets in the kitchen and bathroom.  That's pretty much everything we don't want out now, all ready for Shaun, the man with a van, to come and take it all away on Monday.

Whilst husband was busy ripping all that out, I fitted the legs onto the new dining table (probably one of the first bits of DIY I've ever done 😂 - I normally just read the instructions and hand husband the appropriate bits/screws etc).  Amazingly, they fitted on easily and I even managed to get them the right way round!  I also vacuumed, tidied up, did a bit of titivating in the lounge, kept husband supplied with tea and food, and kept the dog amused.  I also met another of the neighbours (Andy, who is apparently known as Handy Andy as he's very....well, handy!  As in can turn his hand to any kind of DIY and loves to help.  Good to know!).  He actually lent husband a spanner as husband didn't have that size with him.  And had another chat with our lady next door neighbour, who has thawed out nicely and is now very friendly.

So another good day at the van.  We're staying home tomorrow, I've got washing and housework to do, husband has another flat pack to put together.  I found a lovely electric fire on our local marketplace page, just £30 and it looks to be a really nice one, we're going to collect it tomorrow.  I've also got the last few things to order online, for the two bedrooms.  I must make a nice roast dinner tomorrow - we've been eating out of the freezer most of the week.  Husband has asked for a fruit cake too - he deserves one as he's been working so hard.

Raining now, which means the weeds and grass will be shooting up again - we've not done much in the way of gardening for the last couple of weeks - can't be in two places at once!  At least all the rubbish and stuff we've ripped out of the caravan and piled in the garden there is keeping the grass and weeds down.


  1. Roast sounds a treat to me. You have accomplished so much.

  2. Great news all round. You're making fantastic progress with it all, it'll be sorted in no time! Glad the neighbours all seem to be friendly (and handy) too. xx

  3. When you say 'ripping out the kitchen units' I get a bit concerned, because if the units were an integral part of the caravan build they would strengthen and stabilise the whole unit, surely? Will you be replacing them with free-standing units, which won't be part of the structure, thereby weakening the caravan? Oo-er . . . .

    1. We did consider that and I did take advice from a static caravan owners forum I joined a few weeks ago. It's only a small galley kitchen and the units weren't exactly fixed in very well - those horrible iridescent tiles were fixed a lot more firmly!

  4. It's so much easier in a caravan 'twin' bedroom to only have one bed, otherwise you are shuffling along the little gap between beds every time you go in ... yes as you know I speak from experience ;-)


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