Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Day 3

 Busy today, on the go all day.  Shopping first thing, then when we'd unpacked and put it away, gathered together what we needed for work on the caravan today and I'd made lunch to take with us, we were off.

The caravan lounge and kitchen actually smelt fresh and clean when we walked in there this morning, which was lovely.  The bathroom still doesn't smell so good, but then I haven't really tackled that yet.

Husband ripped out the old curved bench dining seat, I helped him get it all outside....the pile of rubbish to be disposed of is growing daily.  Although it was very cobwebby and dusty underneath (husband dealt with all that!), we were pleased to note there was no damage or damp patches on the floor or walls.  There's no carpet in that corner underneath where the seating was, so we're going to patch it with some spare (new although non-matching colour) carpet we found rolled up in the wardrobe.....the whole corner floor area will then be covered up with a new rug, so the patching won't be seen.  We'll have another matching rug in front of the sofa.

Tidied up in the van, did some measuring up for the small sideboard and table/chairs we want to put in the dining area, had a chat with the neighbours, then went to Weston to have a look in the big furniture charity shop - some nice furniture in there, but nothing suitable for the caravan.  No matter, we'll keep looking, we don't need it for another 2 or 3 weeks yet, and there's always the local FB selling pages.

Speaking of FB, I've found and joined a group on there for the village where the caravan park is - lots of useful info on there, including lists of local businesses we might need.  I've posted asking for a local reliable 'man and van' to come and take all our caravan rubbish away, had several replies already.

I'd ordered all the paint we need for the van online, it was due to arrive Friday, but actually came today.  So tomorrow we're going to sugar soap the lounge walls and ceiling and prep it all ready for painting.

Here's the corner diner unit mid-removal - Betty having a look, she's really interested in everything we do there.


  1. Wow! What a lot you've packed into one day. You sound so positive and happy. I'm sure you'll be able to pick up the furniture you need before too long. Exciting stuff! xx

  2. Goodness it won't be long before you are posting about your relaxing stays in your van.

  3. Goody I am impressed with all you are getting done. Good for you!

  4. I certainly won't be bored with your posts - I'm too envious of your caravan!!! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with it and I can understand the visions you're having of how it will turn out. I'm sure you will love the freedom of having an alternative home, somewhere to get away from the same 4 walls and just R E L A X.


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