Saturday, 5 June 2021


 We decided to have this weekend at home, rather than going back to the caravan, as we have things to do here.  And I need to make more lists and plans and have a general think about things.  I had a terrible night last night, tossing and turning all night with very little sleep, stuff going through my mind and awful pain in my hip and back, no doubt as a result of yesterday.

Marlene, you said half the fun is doing things up - well yes, but it certainly wasn't fun yesterday, quite the opposite - very stressful and anxiety inducing.  Frankly, I am feeling overwhelmed and as if I'm floundering in deep water (and I can't swim at all well in real life!!) at the moment, it's only just dawning on me what a big job we've taken on.  The problems we had yesterday, coupled with the fact that we're hampered by not being able to have the electricity on and serviced until the 25th, and still have the water problems to sort out, is all making me feel uneasy right now.

The thing is, I KNOW it will be so worth it when it's all done, and I have to try and focus on that.

Upon meeting and chatting with a couple of the caravan neighbours (who seem really nice and friendly), it turns out, as I mentioned yesterday, that the previous owner of our van was the park handyman - if anyone needed anything doing, he did it.  One couple said they all really miss him, as he was so helpful and it meant they didn't have to do anything themselves - now they have to get a 'man' in.  The park owner, whilst being exceptionally nice, talkative and very friendly, freely admits he's not a handyman and doesn't know one end of a spanner from the other, nor does he have anything much to do with the caravans - he just lives on site and does all the admin and chats to everyone willing to listen (he talks about cars, mainly - right up husband's street)!  He does have a list of suitable caravan workmen - although we don't have to use his, we can use anyone of our choice - but that's pretty much the extent of his involvement.  So we're more or less on our own.  We did have touring caravans for many years, so husband is sort of familiar with caravan stuff, although a static caravan has some differences to a tourer, it's kind of midway between a touring caravan and a house.  I have absolutely zero knowledge of any technical caravan stuff, that was always husband's department.  And there aren't currently many other owners on site - unless they mostly come at weekends.  So it's all a bit daunting at the mo.

Yesterday I did think how on earth am I going to get the carpets and sofa upholstery cleaned without the electricity being on?  Well, it occurred to me during the night when I lay there tossing and turning that I can bring all the sofa cushions home and use the steam cleaner here.  I've new cushion covers for the entire seating on order, they're due to arrive next Wednesday, but I don't want to put them on the old dirty cushions - I want them clean first.  The present covers aren't removable, no zips or anything, I'd have to unpick them all and that's just another job I don't really want to add to the already huge list.  So bringing the cushions home to steam clean them was a bit of an inspired idea, laying awake worrying does have some advantages!

The carpets will just have to wait for cleaning with the Vax until the leccy is on.  As we'll be decorating, it's probably just as well anyway, although we will cover them with dust sheets.  The lounge and main bedroom carpets seem ok, pretty good quality, just in need of a deep clean (the previous owners had 2 dogs, apparently - and obviously weren't too fussed about housework).  We'll need a new carpet in the 2nd bedroom.  The kitchen and bathroom are both carpeted - erm that's an absolute giant NO!! as far as I'm concerned, they'll be ripped up and replaced with vinyl flooring.  The entire caravan needs decorating throughout - that's fine, I don't mind doing that.

We will get there, I know, it'll all get done eventually, and it will start to be fun once we get going with the decorating and furnishing it with our things.  Right now, I just want the whole place cleaned and free of the revolting all invasive cobwebs - I know I'll feel a whole lot better then.


  1. Don't worry Sooze, it will all get sorted in time. Just a thought, would any of the other owners be willing to give you a hand cleaning/clearing the garden, in exchange for a meal, or a glass of wine/beer and a BBQ? It's a good idea to bring the cushions home to steam clean them. With this lovely weather, you could also put them outside and let the sun and fresh air work their magic too. xx

    1. Oh HH, I had to laugh at your suggestion - from what we've seen, we appear to be the youngest people on site so far! Eg, of the 2 couples we were chatting to yesterday, one pair was in their late 60s/early 70s and clearly infirm, and the other well into their 80s. The chap who has the next door van to us, who we haven't yet met, is apparently 80! So asking them for help is probably not an option. Yes, good idea to put the cushions outside here, I'll do that next week when I bring them home, thanks. xx

    2. Oh well, worth suggesting. Maybe they can recommend a good handyman at least! xx

  2. One step at a time, you seem to be working it all out and doing really well. I hope that your anxiety will turn to excitement and that you have fun with such a wonderful project.

  3. It sounds as though there's plenty to do but it's just a case of working through it all bit by bit, you'll get there in the end and it will be all the sweeter for the work you've put in.

  4. Hi Sue, sorry for some reason my comment was posted on Yesterday, or thou it was on today's date. Hazel 🌈🌈

  5. Just reading that made me tired. Going to nap now.

  6. You can and will fo this, little by little. Rome wasn't built in a day. We've got some lovelyvwesther forecast just right for washing and cleaning.

  7. Just seems they should have cleaned it before selling
    However my son just bought me this condo in Florida and he said had to be deep cleaned and there you go...

  8. It doesn't sound great but you and him will make it beautiful and you will love it so much, I am sure.


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