Sunday 13 June 2021

Even hotter so not much painting done!

 It's a good job we went early to the caravan this morning, as it was even hotter today.  At least the paint dries quick!  The first coat in the lounge is now all done, and part of the second coat too....well, we still have the ceiling to do, unfortunately.  Going back tomorrow (when it's forecast to be cooler!) to carry on.  By 11 am it was just too hot to work anymore, so we did a bit more measuring up and planning and then came home.   Oh, a good thing - when we arrived the lady neighbour was outside her van......and she smiled and said hello!  So looks like she's got over her sign of her husband though so can't say how he feels.

HH, you mentioned a fan....yes we have an electric fan waiting to go over to the van, but until the electricity is switched on (on the 25th) and the electrician has been to check it all and certify it as safe (the 26th) we can't use it!  We'll also be getting him to install a couple more electric sockets (there are never enough!) and put up some new wall lights - we're getting rid of the existing brass ones as they're too old fashioned for my taste.

So we came home and did some work here (husband out in the garden, mad fool), and I ordered a few more things we need online (whatever did we do pre-Covid?!  Oh yes, I remember, we went to the shops!).

Somebody asked today what's taking us so long to sort out the caravan?!  To be fair, he clearly didn't realise just how much work there is to be done - we're practically gutting it in a few places, and then having to make good where we've taken fittings out, and refit new things.  New flooring (carpets and vinyl) in most rooms, and total redecoration of the entire van.  But first we had to de-cobweb and clean it (we concentrated on the lounge and kitchen first), and that took long enough by itself.  I reckon we have another 3 weeks work, if not longer.  And of course we can't go every single day, as we do have other commitments and medical appointments.  Oh, and there's the garden there to sort out - husband has strimmed it all to get rid of the knee-high weeds and grass, but there are still all the pots to either get rid of or replant, and lots of overgrown shrubs to be pruned heavily.  It wears me out just thinking about how much we have yet to do.  But we're getting there, a bit at a time, and I just know it's going to look so nice when it's all done.  It helps having a clear vision of how I want each room to look.


  1. Sounds like you have much work to do and are progressing quickly…good luck

  2. One bite at a time, that will do it! Suddenly you will realise you are there, pretty much done and dusted, all sorted. And then the real fun will start!

  3. It will all get done in time and then you can sit back and enjoy. I couldn't remember when you said the electrics were getting sorted. Shame it'll be a few more days, you could do with that fan now! Glad the neighbour has got over her moodiness, you can do without that! xx

  4. It sounds like you've got everything in hand and it's all progressing well. The weather has been beautiful.


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