Monday, 21 June 2021


 Been a frustrating and stressful day, for several reasons.  Main one - why don't people listen, REALLY listen and take note of what's being said to them?  I sometimes think I'm totally invisible and dumb, for all the notice some people take of me.  Makes me feel I'm just wasting my breath and time saying anything at all.

Rant over.  On the plus side, the man and van came to the caravan as arranged today and took away all of our accumulated rubbish.  He was friendly and efficient, nothing was too much trouble, he actually took away more stuff than we'd originally told him about (eg the old kitchen units, which we hadn't planned on taking out when he came previously to give us a quote).  He said he could probably make use of some of our rubbish, or get some money for it - fine, we didn't want any of it nor the bother of getting rid/trying to sell, so if he can get something for any of the stuff, good for him.  Another caravan neighbour also got him to take some of his unwanted stuff too, for a price the neighbour was happy with, so smiles all round.

Shaun also took away loads of the old plant pots in the garden, there must have been about 50, mostly cracked and broken with dead plants in them.  Now the garden is empty of rubbish and most of the old pots, so it's more or less a blank canvas.  The 'lawn' isn't in very good condition, but we'll improve that.  I also have the space now to properly prune the very overgrown but pretty shrubs.  There's a climber at the front of the garden which I think is a red jasmine (quite unusual, I had a white one in a previous garden) - it's lovely, covered in flowers which the bees seem to love, but is extremely vigorous and is taking over the front windows of the van.....definitely needs pruning or we won't be able to see out!

I took off all the horrible old fashioned brass handles (all 17 of them) from the lounge cupboards and started replacing them with my lovely new ceramic knobs.  I did about 2/3 of them but then had to stop, as my fingers were suffering - somebody, who shall remain nameless, had assured me he had the right tool for the job in the caravan.  Well, he didn't, so I had to do it by hand, which made my fingers sore and I couldn't do the knobs up really tightly.  Never mind, they'll get finished off and done properly the next time we go.  I do love them, they're so quirky on the somewhat old fashioned cupboards, not what you'd expect to see.  I will take pictures when they're all up.  Husband was busy in the kitchen, doing something or other with the various pipes and starting to tidy up the wall prior to putting the damp proofing stuff on it.

The last kitchen unit is due to be delivered tomorrow, as are my new lounge curtains....I shall be buying a big reel of wonderweb tomorrow, my sore fingers definitely won't cope with sewing up hems.


  1. What a lovely man with a van. It's nice when people go above and beyond. Glad you can now see your garden and can start planning what you want to do with it. Can't wait to see your knobs (not a phrase you hear every day!🤭) xx

  2. Looking forward to the photos. I know what you mean about people listening or rather not listening!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the photos particularly with the knobs. Glad it all went well getting rid of the rubbish.


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