Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Cracking on

 Great morning at the caravan, with lovely weather.  The lounge carpet, just roughly cut to size the other day, is now laid properly and fixed down (well done husband) and looks really nice.  The kitchen wall has also been painted with the damp proofing preventative stuff - boy was it stinky, really overpowering, it was the last thing we did before coming home.  Hopefully, the strong smell will have dissipated by the time we go back on Friday.  We didn't take Betty this morning, of course, didn't want her breathing in the fumes.  We met the neighbours on the other side of us today, first time we've seen them, another lovely couple, bit older than us (well, quite a lot older actually, around 80).  They live in Chichester apparently, a 3.5 hour journey away, and come to their van for about 3 weeks at a time.  I'm having to write down the names of every fellow owner we meet, we'll never remember them all otherwise.

We've got the new fridge arriving tomorrow so have to stay home.  The new curtains are due to arrive this afternoon, so tomorrow I'll measure and shorten them with the wonderweb stuff.  I've also got 2 lots of washing and plenty of housework to do, along with loads of deadheading and general tidying up of the front garden.

Friday we'll get the back kitchen wall and ceiling painted, husband can't put the hardboard lining up on the front wall until the electrician's been on Saturday and put in the extra sockets and checked all the wiring.  If we have time, we'll also sugar soap the main bedroom walls, so we can start painting in there too - I can do the painting early next week whilst husband gets on with the kitchen stuff.  Oh and husband can put all the Venetian blinds back up in the lounge, and then the curtains can go up.

I reckon we'll be able to start staying overnight within 2 weeks.....exciting!

And some good news.....the gas man who serviced the boiler a week or 2 ago said that a new part was needed, if he couldn't source the part (the boiler is quite old, although still in working order apart from this one part), then we'd need a whole new boiler 😳.  Fortunately, he's managed to locate a new part, so that's one potentially expensive problem successfully solved.


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