Friday, 4 June 2021

Good day for taming a wild garden

 Thank you for all the lovely comments re our lovely new holiday home - well, it's not lovely at the moment, but it will be, I have the vision!  We spent yesterday getting more supplies - buying a couple of things in the shops, ordering the rest online to be delivered next week.  I was on the phone for ages too, arranging for the gas and electricity supplies to be serviced, that's being done on Monday (fortunately, the engineers are onsite then to do another van, so will come and do ours at the same time).  Trying to get hold of someone to come and do a deep clean of the carpets and upholstery was next to impossible - too busy, or they don't do static caravans, or they've given up due to a bad back!  So we've decided to do it ourselves - we have a Vax carpet cleaner and a hand-held steam cleaner anyway, and it'll save money.

Today, though, we're aiming to get the caravan garden totally cleared.....there is a paved patio area but it's almost totally taken over with weeds, the grass is knee high, and all the pots (there are loads) are more or less buried under weeds and/or dead plants.  It's forecast to be a nice dry day, sunny with a few clouds and not as hot and humid as the past few days, so pretty much perfect gardening weather.

We're taking Betty with us as we're expecting to be at the caravan all day - wonder what she'll make of it all?  If you turn left out of the park gate, there's a path that goes directly up into the Quantocks (big range of hills and a lovely walking area), so we'll all be going to investigate that at some point during the day....I expect we'll need a break from all the weeds and grass cutting by then.

I'm going to be busy writing up measurements and drawing up plans for the couple of alterations we're going to be making - I've got a dedicated caravan notebook 😁.  I need to take note of where all the electric sockets are, and possibly arrange for the electrician to add a couple more - think we'll definitely need at least one more in the kitchen, e.g.

I'm so looking forward to all this - even husband, not known for his enthusiasm, is gradually being infected by my excitement and plans, he's even had a few ideas of his own.


  1. So pleased for you both, Sooze. Don't overdo it though - you've got all summer to sort it out, although I can understand your desire to get it all "just right". I hope you post some before and after photos for us. It all sounds ideal, I'm quite envious! xx

  2. All sounds very exciting. Don't overdo it though.

  3. I can feel your excitement:) How far is the caravan from your home?

  4. I can see and feel that you are going to have it all ship shape in no time at all. X


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