Wednesday, 16 June 2021

No mishaps today (so far!)

 ....says she, tempting fate! 😉

Rambler, I laughed at your comment - it describes husband exactly, it was a comedy of errors and he certainly is an accident waiting to happen (as anyone who knows us will vouch for!).  He's renowned for being clumsy, bless him.....I think it's to do with his dyslexia and dyspraxic tendencies.  His balance is also poor (he could trip over a leaf) and his spatial awareness is non-existent - he bumps into people in the supermarket constantly, e.g. (thank goodness he doesn't do it in the car! 😱😂

Anyway, a good morning at the caravan.....we took Betty this time, so were able to spend a bit longer there.  The decorating in the lounge is now finished, thank goodness, and it looks so much better - bright, fresh and modern.  A couple of photos (as I know you're all gasping for some! 😁) :-

The new carpet starting to be put into position (Betty approves, she lay down on it straight away) - the difference in colour is partly the light, and partly because that was the end of the roll, I brushed my hand over it and stroking the pile made it all the same shade.  The paint colour looks very light there, colours don't show up very well on my phone, it's slightly darker in real life.  Although it wasn't my first choice colour, I'm actually really pleased with the carpet, it looks fab - or it will do once it's all properly laid.  We were a bit knackered by this point, so left it and will lay it properly tomorrow.

The kitchen vinyl wallpaper arrived today, here it is:-

SO much better than that horrible iridescent tile stuff!  That's my home kitchen worktop by the way, the wallpaper goes really well with it there's a thought for the future 😃

Speaking of worktops, we stopped off at the woodyard on the way home today and bought a lovely offcut of worktop, just what we wanted - cost £20.  I don't mind paying full price on some things when we can get bargains like that to offset the cost of the more expensive stuff.

The caravan next door neighbour lady was really chatty and friendly today, and she kept the yappy dogs inside, so it seems like she's thawed out completely now.  Not met the husband yet, he appears to be disabled and spends all his time inside their caravan.

So it's back to the van tomorrow to finish laying the carpet.  We'll take the sofa cushions with us too, it'll be nice to finally have something comfortable to sit on!  It's all starting to come together now and I'm back to being really excited.


  1. The carpet and wallpaper look lovely, it's all coming together nicely ... as I'm sure you knew it would 😀

  2. It's all looking good - you'll soon have a lovely comfortable bolt hole to get away to.

  3. Wallpaper is a huge improvement on that weird shiny stuff.
    It's lovely to hear you so excited and raring to go!

  4. Looking so clean, fresh and new. That must give you a boost after all the hassles. As for accidents, my hubby shouldn't be allowed near sharp implements. He cut himself drying the potato peeler the other day, and constantly cuts himself with knives and scissors. Must have missed that lesson at nursery school! Glad the neighbours seem to have mellowed. Maybe he was having a bad day the other day. Give him the benefit of the doubt! xx

  5. I thought the purple feck sounded quite nice but I do like the grey one and it will be very restful. looks like you are more than halfway now to finishing.

  6. All so clean and tidy, you have to be thrilled to pieces with it!
    Did you take before and after pictures to remind yourself how much you've done to improve it's looks?
    I am going to tell you again how glad I am for you two. Wonderful idea you had!!!

  7. I admire the way you manage to put things together with off cuts and leftovers and make them look so good!

    I have a sneaky feeling that your new neighbours are secretly relieved that they 'lost' their original choice of caravan now they are seeing what needs to be done to make it lovely and habitable. If her husband has a disability then it would probably have been too much for them. Makes you wonder what state theirs is in!

  8. Exciting times, it is all coming together beautiful. A reward for all your hard work. So glad things are getting better with the neighbours.

  9. It's all coming together now and I love the wallpaper. x

  10. Hello - I was just wondering if you chose to could you live in your caravan on a permanent basis?

    Thank you, love your blog!


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