Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Bless you!

 Thanks everyone for the lovely comments - this caravan stuff is very exciting to us, but I don't expect anyone else to be!

We've had a really good, if tiring, day at the caravan.  The 'man and van', Shaun, came over as arranged to look at what needs taking away and give us a quote.  He's a really nice, helpful, friendly chap and said it'll be no problem to clear everything, even the old broken pots in the garden, the quote he gave us for the removal was well within what I'd expected, so that's absolutely fine.  It's arranged for the 21st, he's fully booked until then but said he'll get in touch if he has a cancellation.

We sugar soaped all walls and the ceiling in the lounge, so it's now ready for painting on Friday.  Husband then began removing the totally ghastly tiled wallpaper in the kitchen, it's tiny 1" square tiles (thank goodness it's wallpaper, and not individual tiny tiles!  although lots of them were falling off individually).  It's a horrible iridescent blue/purple/green sort of colour - you know how petrol or diesel (no idea which one!) looks when it's spilt on the road, sort of shiny iridescent multi colours - well this wallpaper looks exactly like that.  Awful, certainly not to my it is:-

Yuck!  Thank goodness it's going.  Husband is painting the wall with a special damp proofing product (it's not damp, but as it's the kitchen we're just being cautious), lining it with hardboard and then putting up tiled vinyl wallpaper......I know what I want and have seen some, I'm ordering it online.

Here's the lounge with the sofa cushions removed (half of them already taken home for steam cleaning, the rest we brought home today) and the blinds taken down.

And of course Betty in the photo - she's very good, likes to be right beside us when we're doing anything, but settles down for a quick nap every so often.  She sleeps like a log when we get home each day, all the excitement wears her out I think.

Having a day off tomorrow, things we need to do at home in the morning, and I have a hospital appointment in the afternoon.  Back to the van on Friday to begin the painting in the lounge, I've chosen dove grey for the walls and ceiling.


  1. I quite like the iridescent tile look - but maybe not for a whole kitchen area, would be nice as mosaic tiles on a garden table! Your man with a van will save you many trips to the tip. You've certainly made a good start. I bet Betty is not the only one who is worn out at the end of the day! xx
    PS Thanks for the photos, we all want to see the progress. x

    1. Yes HH, the tiles would look nice on a garden fact I think I've seen one like it.

  2. I think it would make the area feel quite dark.

    Your man with a van sounds great! A very valuable contact for the future too. It's all so exciting and I can't wait to read what happens next. xx

    1. Yes Joy, the tiles do make the small galley kitchen feel very dark. Hope your dad and you are doing ok. xx

  3. Very weird wallpaper tile stuff, can see why you want it gone ASAP!

  4. I am enjoying this immensely. :) It makes you happy , so I am happy for you!

  5. Not just the colour of those iridescent tiles; the fact that the sheets aren't lined up accurately would drive me MAD! OCD? Moi??? Never!


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