Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Not racing but getting there

 Thank you for comments, it certainly doesn't feel like we're racing along with the caravan work.  In fact, it is progressing quite slowly.....but the point is, it IS progressing and that's pleasing us both.  The list of jobs I write up for us to do at the caravan every day isn't set in stone, it's more of a 'If we can do, we will' list.  Like today, two of the jobs on the list didn't get done, but no matter, they'll get done tomorrow.

Today we took a box of crockery and cutlery which I put in our new cupboard in the dining area, it's nice to be able to eat our packed lunches from now on off of proper crockery and not just out of a plastic bag.  And we took our new kettle, and had a proper cuppa, freshly made, in our lovely new mugs - so much nicer than a flask!  I had to use a socket in the lounge to plug the kettle in, as we still have no kitchen at the moment, but that was ok - we had a nice cuppa in our lovely lounge and that's all that matters.

Tomorrow I'm taking the steam cleaner and deep cleaning the mattress and headboard, whilst husband finishes off the small area of boarding left to do on the kitchen wall, then lays the vinyl flooring.  His mate has said he now feels fit enough to help install the kitchen units, so that'll be happening on Friday.  That'll be good for husband to have help - I'm not really a lot of help when it comes to DIY.  So hopefully by the end of this coming weekend, we'll have a working kitchen.

The bedroom will be next - it's only a case of decorating in there, so it should be a doddle compared to the lounge and kitchen.  Then once I've deep cleaned the bathroom and we have a working toilet and hand basin, we can start staying there overnight!  

It'll be so much better when we can stay there and finish off the remaining jobs at our leisure.

We met another of the neighbours today, he said we've done a great job as the van was in a poor state before and it's looking so much better now.  That was nice to hear.


  1. Sounds like its coming along nicely. It will be nice to stay there when you can before the site closes for winter. Also if you aim to leave and get stuck in traffic, you could always turn around and stay there for the night.

  2. You may feel like things are progressing slowly, but my word, reading what you do each time makes me tired! It's nice that your neighbour has complimented you on the work done so far. Sounds like you've stumbled on a friendly community. xx

  3. It sounds like you are cracking on nicely with the renovations. Lovely that one of the neighbours commented on all your hard work too.

    There was a really run down van on the park I lived on and it only took a good clean of the exterior, a cut of the grass and neatening of the edges for them to avoid being asked to leave the park. It looked great afterwards.

    The first night you are able to stay over will be great.

  4. How lovely for people to recognise and comment on the results of all your hard work. As you say, when you can stay there it will be so much easier to get all those remaining jobs and enjoy your second home at the same time.
    So exciting!

  5. Exciting times enjoying a cuppa in your newly renovated lounge. How nice that a neighbour has commented on the renovations too, a tribute for all your hard work.

  6. Oh so exciting to keep ticking things off your 'to-do' list which brings closer the time when you can actually relax in that lovely caravan fitted out to your own requirements. I can imagine how good it felt to sit in the lovely lounge to have your lunch in comfort on nice crockery. Bliss!!! Hopefully we are now heading in the direction of freedom from restrictions so that you can make full use of your 'get-away-from-it-all' home.


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