Tuesday, 15 June 2021

No purple fleck

 Been a bit of a stressful day today, just one of those days.  Some family stuff going on which has involved numerous WhatsApp messages back and forth - nothing I can do as I'm 150 miles away and the person involved needs to realise we can't just drop everything and fly up there in the helicopter we keep in the back garden!  It's still ongoing, but I've chosen to opt out for a while.

I decided to forget about getting my first choice purple fleck carpet for the caravan - seems there's none around at the mo....well, not in room size remnants, we could easily order one off the roll - at 2 or 3 times the price and with a lead time of several weeks.  Not acceptable, in either money or time.  So we've gone for a grey's an acceptable alternative, and I'm having plenty of purple accessories.  Whilst in the carpet showroom, I also found a perfect vinyl remnant for the kitchen - both colour and size are perfect, and an amazingly good price.

I would have had the carpet delivered, but husband said we could easily get it on the roof racks on our (little!) car.  He then said he didn't have enough rope (he had loads that I know of, but seems he's either used it, given it away or simply can't find it)....he eventually found a couple of bits.  When we came to secure the carpet to the roof, he discovered the 2 bits of rope he'd taken with us weren't enough to safely hold it.  So he had to go off and buy some more.....luckily there's a DIY shop very close by.  We got home safely.  I suggested putting the carpet overnight (we're taking it to the van tomorrow) in either the hallway or the dining room - husband reckoned it wouldn't fit and would have to lie on the stairs.  He struggled to take it up himself, wouldn't let me help, tripped and dropped the bottom fell on the hall curtain rail, knocked it off and broke it, scaring the life out of the dog and me in the process.

Oh, and when we got home from shopping this morning, he dropped the new box of eggs and broke 4 of them.

He is very clumsy - not a new thing, always has been - but some days he's worse than others, and today is one of them.

I've been awake since 02.40 so am shattered, hopefully as it's getting a bit cooler, I might be able to sleep better tonight.  


  1. I hate days like that. I sometimes seem to have dropsy and everything goes on the floor, not very often but so annoying.
    This little home of yours is sounding lovely.
    Looking forward to the pics when its finished.

  2. Well, a good and bad day! I hope you're able to sleep better tonight. Whenever I have family stuff going on, I'm unable to sleep properly either, so I know what you're going through. It's no good telling yourself not to think about it all, is it? xx

  3. Hope your family stuff gets sorted and you get the carpet safely to the van. It will all be worth it when it is finished. We always find we sleep better at the caravan than at home but maybe that is because there is much more gardening to do here.

  4. Love the grey
    Son bought me a condo to live in in Florida
    I donated most of my furniture instead of moving it 1000 miles
    I am using some of his
    Some he bought and some of mine he had
    However I wanted a comfy chair from Lazyboy
    Not a recliner but a mid century modern chair with just the foot lift
    I wanted grey
    6-8 months to get it because of Covid.. hope to get by January
    Love your van saga

  5. Sometimes we have days when everything just goes wrong, hopefully your husband has his fill yesterday and today will turn out better.

  6. So annoying when family members tell you all their troubles when you're miles away and can do very little about them. But you listened, so that might have helped them. Now try to leave them to sort it out!
    Sorry, but I had to laugh at the comedy of errors with hubby and the carpet - he doesn't do things by halves, does he? He's an accident waiting to happen, leaving a trail of wreckage behind him!! Bless!

  7. Your hubby sounds as accident prone as mine!! The number of times I've said "it doesn't matter" while mumbling Mutley style under my breath are in the thousands.


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