Monday, 28 June 2021

Migraine so feeling yuck today

 I had a migraine yesterday, used to get them regularly but only rarely now, it's the first one in a couple of years.  Headache had gone this morning, but have felt washed out, knackered and nauseous all day.  Still, went to the caravan and got on with things.  When husband and I have been there together, the last thing I do before we come home is a general tidy up, bagging up all rubbish, putting all tools away in the small bedroom (husband's temporary shed!), wiping surfaces down and hoovering all through.  So I wasn't very pleased to find that husband and the electrician between them had left the van in a bit of a mess on Saturday - tools and empty packets (from all the new electrical bits fitted) scattered everywhere, mess all over the kitchen floor, dusty footprints and bits of grass (the site owner had cut the grass on Saturday) trodden all over the (new) lounge carpet.  So tidying up was the first thing I had to do.

Wiped all the windows down (beats me how they get so dusty all the time....although I guess it was probably the work the electrician was doing on Saturday) then put up new nets on all the lounge windows except one - ran out of curtain wire, bought some more on the way home so can finish the last window tomorrow.  Velcroed the sofa armrests back in place, having taken them home to re-cover them.  Husband fitted the new uplighter that the electrician couldn't do on Saturday, as it was broken inside the sealed box.  He then put some more hardboard sheets up on the kitchen outer wall, to line it prior to wallpapering.  Had a chat with the site owner re a couple of admin things we're still waiting for him to do (he's definitely on Somerset in 'sometime when'.  Life proceeds at a much slower pace here!).  Ticked off all the jobs we've done today, and wrote a new list of things to do tomorrow.  Don't know what I'd do without lists and my A5 size caravan notebook, which is already a third full.

Traffic was terrible on the way home today, took us just over an hour, whereas on Saturday it only took husband 35 minutes to get home.  Now we're home and I'm having a brief sit down, chicken salad for tea so I don't have to do anything except put it on the plates, and I shall probably have an early night, as my head is beginning to throb again.


  1. Woman you sure are moving along at a race pace. I am impressed with your thoroughness and get it done attitude. Hoorah for you !

  2. Even with the migraine, you've accomplished so much. When you finally get everything done, it'll be fun to look through your caravan notebook to remind yourself just what you've both achieved. xx

  3. Wow, you are on fire racing through that to do list.


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