Monday 14 June 2021

Yap, yap, yap!!

 Blimmin knackered today, I'm not sleeping at all well - partly because it's just too hot, partly because there's so much on my mind, not only the caravan but some family stuff too which is a bit worrying.

On the caravan front, we finished 2nd coating the lounge walls this morning and did part of the ceiling.  Pleased to discover that the ceiling will only need one coat - thankfully, as just doing that bit killed my neck and shoulders.  

We were going to have a couple of rugs to go over the lounge carpet, but have changed our minds - it's a bit of an awkward shape, because of fitted furniture, so finding rugs was proving a bit of a problem.  I don't like the colour of the carpet anyway, so we've decided to go for a new one, a room size remnant.  We did stop off at a carpet shop on the way home - they had loads of suitably sized remnants, but none in my preferred choice of colour.....oddly, as they do lots of new carpets in the colour I want.  The vast majority of the remnants were in various shades of grey (think I've read that book, it was rubbish! 😂), seems it's the new 'in' colour.  As we've got dove grey walls, I don't really want a grey'll all be too bland and office like.  I want purple fleck!  There are several more carpet shops to look in, I expect we'll get what I want soon.  We also need some vinyl remnant for the kitchen and bathroom floors, we'll have a look tomorrow.

The caravan neighbours' 2 little spaniels absolutely yapped their heads off at us this morning, they were on long leads outside, in between their van and ours, they could see us through the windows and kept yapping constantly, which was a bit of a nuisance - the lady did come and take them inside after about half an hour.  We'll have to take Betty - her loud bark might scare them off! 😁  She's also about twice their size.  I think they've got Little Dog Syndrome.  We don't let Betty bark for ages - she does bark at postmen or delivery drivers or when someone rings the doorbell, but we don't let her carry on.  So I hope they're not going to be a problem.  There's hardly anyone else on site right now, but I'm sure there will be soon, so hopefully they'll keep the dogs quiet(er) then, in case anyone complains.

I put all the new covers on the sofa cushions this afternoon, I'm pleased with them, they look nice.  We'll take them back to the caravan once we've finished the decorating, then I'll take some more photos.

Not going to the van tomorrow, Betty's got a grooming appointment and I need to do shopping, then we'll go to the other carpet showrooms.


  1. I'm sure you'll get the carpet you want, somewhere. What a shame about the yappy dogs, I hope Betty can put them in their place! Can't wait to see the "after" photos. I'm trying (and failing) to imagine what you've done, so it'll be nice to see it once it's all sorted. xx

  2. My daughter's new rented home is all grey - grey walls, grey carpet, grey units in the kitchen - it certainly is the in colour. I like the idea of your purple fleck though.
    Our neighbour got a puppy during lockdown and it is a yappy one, especially when I put a foot outside our house it goes on and on and on....

  3. Purple fleck...must be popular..none to be had , everyone else already chose it. :) I could go with that as well.
    I am not a fan of the new idea of grey everything.

  4. Grey is certainly the 'in colour'. I've never been trendy though so I think the purple fleck would be a lovely choice. Yappy dogs would drive me potty.

  5. It sounds like you're cracking on with the work at the caravan. I can't understand why some people let their dogs just bark and bark, it drives me mad.


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