Sunday 20 June 2021

Busy week ahead

 A very busy week coming up.  After a bit of a slow start on the caravan front, things are beginning to happen quite quickly now and I'm having to make lists every day, and ensure I write things on the calendar so we know what's happening when.  I take photos of the calendar every week (yes I know I could just enter things into my phone calendar, but that's a bit of technology too far and writing stuff on the calendar and then taking a photo of it works for me! 😂).  Every day I make a list of things we need to take to the caravan, things we need to do that day, and then whilst at the van I note down measurements and things we need to buy and what needs taking the next time.

This week we have to stay home 2 days - we have a couple of deliveries arriving, and Betty has a vet appointment (she needs her anal sacs emptying [total yuck!!] for those interested!).  The other days will be spent at the caravan.  Tomorrow is of course man with a van day, Friday the electricity is (finally!) being switched on, Saturday the electrician is coming to give all the leccy systems the once over and fit some new sockets and lights for us.  We have the new vinyl flooring to lay in the kitchen, the kitchen wall to repair and then paint with damp proofing specialist paint, the other kitchen walls to paint with a nice aqua colour, and the damp proofed wall to paper with the Contour vinyl, once the specialist paint is dry.  And then husband can make a start on fitting the new kitchen units.  One, a slim drawer unit, he's built here at home already, another small one (arriving Tuesday) he'll also build here, the larger unit we'll have to take flat packed to the van and he'll build it there - it wouldn't fit through the caravan door if it was pre-built.

I've got curtains for the lounge on order - they're too long (couldn't find any the correct length) so I'll have to spend several evenings shortening them.....sewing is not my favourite job, as we all know!!  But needs must.  And I haven't got a sewing machine so will have to do it by fingers will be like pin cushions 😂😒  Never mind, it's for my caravan so I'll enjoy doing it (I just need to keep telling myself that 😁).  Oh, I suppose I could use that iron on wonderweb stuff.....

Husband's now decided he wants a banana and walnut cake, not a fruitcake.  Might make some cheese scones or biscuits to take to the caravan too.


  1. You sound very organised! By the end of the week, you should certainly notice the difference. Wish I lived near enough to pop over with my sewing machine, but the wonderweb stuff should work. It'll save your fingers! I could just eat a slice (or 2) of banana and walnut cake. xx

    1. Thank you HH, that would be a help!! Thanks for the vote of confidence for the wonderweb, though....I would much rather do that! Shame I don't live nearer to bake you a cake :-))

  2. I to prefer to write on a calendar hanging in our office, a quick glance tells me everything I need to know, had not thought to take a photo. Hubby set up calendar on phone, it's a shared one so I can see his appointments, but I'm not too bothered, I still get him to write them down, as the phone dies not warn you in advance.

  3. It's lovely to hear you sounding so happy and positive about the Van ... and YES wonderweb is virtually the only way I 'sew' these days ;-)

  4. You seem to have gone from 0 to 60 since you purchased your van. I cant keep up with you Ha! Hope you have many happy years in it.

  5. Wow, you are busy and seem to enjoy your van. Sounds like great fun. The banana and walnut cake sounds delicious, I too wish I could drop by for a slice or two.

  6. Another one here drooling over your banana and walnut cake . . . .mmmmmm!
    The caravan makeover is certainly keeping you busy - I hope you can learn to relax and enjoy it when the work is done. Oooohhhh I can picture you sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying a book with a sunbathing dog at your feet - and a glass of wine by your side. That's the life!


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