Saturday, 12 June 2021

Shouldn't complain but....too hot

 Another busy day, although not at the caravan.  I was up early this morning and made an apple crumble and a pork and leek pie for tomorrow's dinner, then went off to my lovely hairdresser neighbour for a haircut and a chat.  This afternoon we went to the big car boot sale at Blue Anchor, it wasn't quite as busy as the last time we went, thank goodness.  I had a list of things to look for, caravan stuff, but didn't see anything I wanted at all.  Husband bought a plug!

Now I'm wiped out because it's too hot for me and I'm really tired - had several broken nights, what with one thing and another.  Think it'll be an early night with a book.

Going early to the caravan tomorrow to carry on painting, it's going to be another hot day apparently so the earlier we get there, the better.  We shall be going nearly every day this coming week, I want to get a move on with everything.  It would be nice to think we could get everything done by the end of the month, or the first week in July.


  1. Here let me join you in your mind and give you some of my painting mojo, to help you get done quicker. Take care of you.

  2. Wish I could come and help. Have a good time and I bet you get loads done. xx

  3. Send some heat my way, its still cool and sadly raining here this morning.

  4. I hope you manage to get the painting done before it gets too hot. Do you have a fan at the caravan? If not, I recommend getting one! xx

  5. I may have melted by tomorrow so you know where I am if you don't hear from me again..... :-)


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