Tuesday, 1 June 2021

More caravan bargains

 We've just been to Minehead - went early to avoid the crowds (there's a big Butlins holiday camp there so it does get busy during school holidays)....quite a few charity shops there, including one I really like, a local hospice shop.  And it didn't disappoint - got a pair of brand new, heavy duty, fully lined curtains, 90" x 72", in the perfect colours for the lounge colour scheme I have in mind - £15 - yes just £15, I snapped them up.  They'll be perfect to go on the 2 caravan doors.  They're Dunelm, I've just looked them up and they would cost £99 to buy in the shop.  I'm so pleased with them, couldn't believe my luck in finding the perfect brand new curtains for that price.

Also bought a garden table for £15, and some lovely dessert bowls, again in the exact colour I want for the kitchen, £3 for the four.

It wasn't busy at all when we arrived in Minehead, although was getting quite crowded by the time we left.

It's a gloriously sunny day again, although is forecast to be changeable from tomorrow, with some showers.  Which is ok, the garden needs it.

We had a bbq yesterday, our first one this year.  It's going to be hotter this afternoon, so I don't think I'll be sitting in the garden - even under our 'grounds for divorce' new gazebo 😂


  1. I'm sat in the shade reading post and with the light breeze it's perfect, I've not been to Minehead in years, has it changed much?

    1. It's very geared towards tourists, Marlene, although there are a handful of nice shops. The extreme left hand side of the beach, far away from the touristy Butlins right hand side, is quite nice, and fairly empty. There's a nice fish n chip shop down a side road, so not busy with tourists who tend to stick to the high street.

  2. Can’t beat a good bargain can you?

  3. Wow, what a bargain. I'd have been as pleased as you are.

  4. Isn't it good when a plan comes together. All the bargains I got from Dunelm and charity shops sort of chose the mustard colour scheme I had for the flat and it turned out the one window covering that was already here was mustard based AND from Dunelm too!

  5. It's all getting so very exciting. Amazing bargains too.


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