Thursday, 24 June 2021

Having an easy day

 Being kind to myself today and only doing limited easy stuff - my bowel is being extremely irritable (too many carbs consumed lately, I expect, along with being a bit stressed and overtired).  And my hip is terribly painful right now, going up and down stairs is especially painful.  Waiting in for the fridge to be delivered, also the curtains which didn't arrive yesterday, think the delivery driver ran out of time.  Hope they arrive this morning, so I can get on and shorten them this afternoon.  I've got a couple of doormats to make from leftover lounge carpet, just a case of cutting them straight and binding the edges.  2 loads of washing done, husband pegged one lot on the line, the rest has gone in the dryer, the vacuuming and bed changing will just have to wait a day or two.  I'll deadhead all my roses, an easy job, whilst waiting for the curtains to arrive.

Will eat a carb-free veg and fish based diet for the next few days, and drink lots of water, to give my gut chance to recover.  And, much as I don't like taking them, I'll take some regular doses of co-codamol over the next few days, to get my hip pain under control (that'll help with the bowel stuff too!).


  1. Even with all your medical problems, you do more in a day than I do! I hope your guts and hip soon settle down. Neither is nice, but both at once... Be gentle on yourself and rest up. xx

  2. Twill do you good to take it easy today. You have been doing an awful lot lately. Time for a little rest.x

  3. I am glad you have what it takes to ease your maladies.

  4. You sound like you have everything under control. Well done. I get cystitis if I eat too many carbs, I have to avoid beige food or have a small portion. Hope your hip feels more comfortable soon.


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