Sunday 10 October 2021

A nice day and a thank you to Sian

 It's a lovely sunshiney and warm day, makes you feel good.  Have got last night's washing (I always do the washing overnight on the economy rate.....all the more important now energy bills are rising rapidly) on the line, the bedding has been changed this morning so lovely fresh bed linen to get into tonight, which is always nice.  Just been to town and bought a gorgeous very comfy pair of ankle boots for winter, and a pair of slip on trainers (bending over to do up laces is out of the question these days).  

Just about to prep all the veg for dinner (roast pork today) - I'll do plenty of veg so we can have the leftovers for our vegetarian day tomorrow.  It'll be bubble & squeak (that's chopped leftover vegetables, all mixed together and fried until it's crispy on the bottom, for overseas readers) with a couple of fried eggs for tomorrow's tea.  With brown sauce, of course - well, for me, husband hates it.  After I've prepped dinner and got it in the oven, I shall depart upstairs to sit in my bedroom recliner chair and do some crocheting or read my book - husband is watching his favourite saloon car racing on the tv and the constant drone of the engine noise, and the commentators talking over it, drives me nuts.  Well, he says he's watching it....I'd say he's asleep!! (his eyes are closed and he's snoring πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘).

Tomorrow I'm going to soak dried fruit for a rich fruit may become a Christmas cake, or may get eaten before then!  I'll also make a Marmalade cake, using Sue in Suffolk's recipe, we'll have slices of that with a cuppa in the caravan on Tuesday when our friends come to visit.

Sian - thank you very much for the YouTube video re lack of oestrogen causing collagen loss after the menopause, which may explain why women my age get hip bursitis - very interesting, especially since I stopped taking HRT (because my male GP kept badgering me to stop it!) 2 or 3 years ago and my bursitis started after that!  Coincidence?!  I see there are other videos by the same therapist on the subject of bursitis, I will watch those also.  Very helpful, thanks.  Blogland is wonderful.


  1. I've washed the bedding today too, so will join you (metaphorically speaking) in nice clean sheets tonight. Oooh, bubble and squeak. I've not had that for far too long. It was always a Monday favourite, with Sunday dinner leftover veg, when I was a child. We always had it on toast. Yummy! Your hubby sounds like mine. He lies on the sofa, TV on, snoring gently, but claims he's listening. Yeah, right!πŸ˜‚ I watched the Youtube video and thought it made a lot of sense, too. I don't have bursitis, but have had some knee, hip, shoulder and finger pain since the menopause. I've always put it down to arthritis/old age, but maybe it's partly collagen loss, too. I hope the other videos give you some ideas and help. xx

  2. I bet your home smells wonderful with all the delicious food you make and bake. Mmmmmm


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