Sunday, 24 October 2021

Nothing happening, sorry

 I feel like I've got nothing to write about at the moment - nothing's happening, life is just plodding along, husband is still waiting for his hospital operation date, I'm waiting for my next GP consultation (postponed till tomorrow) and my first osteopathy session (8 November).  We're not going anywhere (Covid cases are rising so I don't feel inclined to go anywhere there may be crowds), we're stocked up so don't need shopping for a few weeks, we've got nothing planned.  Husband wanted to take me to the pictures to see the Bond film for my birthday, but I really don't fancy the idea of sitting in a cinema for 3 hours with a load of strangers who may or may not be wearing masks.  I've noticed over the past few weeks whenever I've gone shopping that more and more people are not now wearing masks.  We always wear ours.

We did go to the craft fair yesterday, we got there early to avoid the crowds - right thing to do, other than the stallholders, there weren't many buyers at all, although there were quite a few people arriving as we left.  There were rather a lot of jewellery stalls, which I wasn't really interested in, but I did get a couple of small pretty fused glass Christmas tree decorations and a Christmas present for a friend.

I didn't plant up the pots with bulbs the other day.....I had every intention of doing it, but it was so cold and windy outside I thought 'not blimmin likely' and came back indoors, wimp that I am!  I'm really feeling the cold nowadays, highly unusual for me.  I might get husband to put the picnic table up in the utility room and pot up the bulbs in there today - it's unheated, but at least it's indoors and therefore not so cold and windy.

Husband says he's left some tools at the caravan that he'd really like to have here (typical of him), so we may pop back there one day this'll give me a chance to check I've remembered to do everything during the close up we did last week.  The site closes for winter in exactly a week's time, the gates are locked so we won't be able to go after that.  I don't feel sad about it anymore, I'm just looking forward to next Spring.

Well, I've managed to fill a few paragraphs writing about nothing in particular, so better stop before I bore you readers to death! 😂


  1. You could never bore me. It's nice to know we're not the only ones who are just plodding along, doing nothing much! It worries me, too, the number of people who aren't wearing masks. We're thinking of wearing 2 masks round the supermarket. I'm hoping to get in the garden today, to cut back a shrub that's taking over, but the weather isn't looking too great. I might have to just hunker down with my crochet instead!😂 xx

    1. Crochet sounds good, what are you making? It's freezing and windy here again today, so I'm definitely not going outside! xx

    2. I'm making a blanket cardigan. I bought a part-knitted jumper with the rest of the yarn, from a charity shop and liked the look of this.
      Mine will all be one colour, although I do like the multi coloured version. Maybe if this one turns out OK, I'll raid my stash and make another. xx

  2. We do seem to spend an awful lot of time just waiting nowadays, don't we?
    I completely agree with you about avoiding crowds. It's just not very sensible.
    Bore us? No way, I love reading your posts. xx

    1. Yes we do, I know our NHS is overwhelmed so we just have to be patient patients! And thank you Joy xx

  3. Plodding along on this side of the pond as well. Today I managed to catch up on a few things.

    I don't like going out in crowds either as more and more are not following our health orders, and as such cases are on the rise here once again.

    God bless.

  4. It’s a lovely chatty post to read! Like having a good old natter !


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