Sunday 3 October 2021

It'll be fine!!

 Well, both me and Betty (yes I know, bad grammar!) slept better last night, although I did have to get up for a wee and took a while to get back to sleep, but did eventually.  It poured with rain a few times, which woke me up (rain is very noisy on a caravan roof!) but I did fall asleep again quite quickly.  This morning there's blue sky with a few fluffy clouds and the sun is already trying to shine.  Brilliant.

Although the van gets toasty warm quite quickly with the electric fire on, there's no doubt that it does get very cold during the night, now the temperature has dropped quite a bit.  Getting up to go to the loo in the night, it feels decidedly chilly.  I'm glad about that, in a perverse kind of way - it means I'm not really very keen to stay here when it's going to be very cold, so softens the blow of not being able to come here over winter.  Once next March arrives though, I shall be chomping at the bit to get back here, I'm especially looking forward to seeing all the Spring bulbs I've planted in lots of tubs and the garden itself.  I do love Spring bulbs.

We were going home tomorrow but have decided to go this afternoon, once we've seen Charlie and Jean off, there'll be less traffic about today.  Our home garden has been somewhat neglected this year and it does need a lot of pruning and tidying up, the broken gazebo needs to be taken down and the garden furniture put in the garage - we'll be bringing the furniture here to the van next year, so we want it safe in the garage over winter.

Sunny weather is forecast for this coming weekend, so we might come back again then, we'll see.

I have been worrying a bit about leaving the van over winter and hoping it'll be fine with no problems.  But then I remembered that when we took this van on, it had been unoccupied and untouched for more than 18 months and, other than being very cobwebby and dusty (and very dirty!), it was absolutely fine - no leaks or problems caused by the weather.  So we have no reason to think it won't be the same when we come back next year.  And our neighbours (who have been coming here for years) have said they rarely have problems either.  So now I'm not really worried.  C and J have told us everything they do when closing their van down for winter, and I'm going in their van to have a look when they're ready to leave, so I know what to do in ours.  It's been such a help having them next door.

I'm not worried about security either over winter - the owners (father and daughter) both live on site with their families in separate houses, and the site manager also lives here in their caravan (that's allowed under Local Authority regulations).  The site gate is locked over winter, and there are CCTV cameras all around the park.  The site manager has a dog which barks at everyone who walks past (a Labradoodle, she's actually very friendly), so is a good guard dog in that she's noisy.


  1. The site next to us has no security gates or cameras, or a manager on site at all and they have never had a problem over winter with breakins, so I reckon you will be OK.
    When we leave our van for anytime over winter we always leave the internal doors open for air circulation and pull the covered seating a littleway off the the van walls. Before we bought the cottage we once had a couple of much older single glazed statics and it is the mass amount of condensation that is the problem with vans when they cool down overnight and then heat up quickly in the sun during the day. I used to have an old set of curtains too to hang as the condensation over the winter can badly stain the linings. Probably your neighbour puts those water absorbers around the place. I would advise ones with a good capacity otherwise they can overflow. It is amazing how much water is absorbed from the atmosphere. Overtime I never left much bedding there either as it had a tendancy to gather a bit of a damp smell as that too absorbs the moisture from the air and needed a lot of airing when we returned if we left it.
    Sad you are having to leave just as you were beginning to enjoy both the van and the friendly neighbours. You will have so much to look forward to next year.

  2. I'm glad you and Betty had a better night's sleep. It does make all the difference doesn't it? I'm sure, from what you've said, the van will be safe and secure for the winter. I bet you spend all winter making plans! xx

  3. Thank goodness for a better night. It can really drag you down after a while, lack of sleep can.
    I'm sure your lovely little home will be fine over winter, especially with any precautions you will take.


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