Tuesday, 12 October 2021


 Finally - I have an appointment for osteopathy.  8 November, so 4 weeks away, but at least I have a date!

The osteopath, a very well spoken lady called Felicity, seems very nice and certainly well informed about my hip condition, we had a long chat on the phone and she asked lots of questions which showed a good knowledge of hip bursitis, and the sciatica which is now affecting my left leg.  Probably a result of poor posture caused by the bursitis - well, that's what I think anyway, my back is a bit twisted and I do walk with a limp, so have probably trapped the sciatic nerve.

An elderly neighbour is dog sitting next week, looking after her son's lovely Golden Retriever whilst they're on holiday, she's unsteady on her feet (I know the feeling! 😂) and has asked if we'd help with dog walking, a rota has been organised amongst some of us.  And another neighbour is going on holiday in a couple of weeks and we've been asked to feed and check on their cat whilst they're away.  It's no problem, we all help each other out here in our tiny hamlet, we check on each other's houses when anyone's away, water plants, take in parcels, put out/take in bins on rubbish day.  That's the beauty of living in a small place where we all know each other.


  1. I'm so glad you have a date and Felicity sounds very understanding and knowledgeable. Excellent.

  2. Sounds like our community, we help each other out, our neighbour will feed our cats whilst we are away.

  3. Well, Felicity sounds like she knows what's what. Let's hope she can help. It's lovely to have good neighbours you can trust. xx

  4. I hope that Felicity can help.

    Your hamlet sounds like my street. We all help each other out when and where we can.

    God bless.


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