Saturday 2 October 2021

Restless night and jabbed

 For some reason, Betty was really restless last night - jumping on and off my bed several times after only settling for a few minutes, wandering around the caravan, even wanting to go outside around 3 am.  Whether she'd heard something (I didn't hear anything, but then I am partly deaf) or just wanted to go for a wee I've no idea - I did let her out in the garden but as it was pitch dark, I couldn't see what she was doing, if anything.  She didn't appear to be unwell, just restless.  Which meant I didn't sleep much either.  I sat in the lounge with her for a while, she did settle down eventually, around 5 ish, so I went back to bed then.  She stayed on the sofa, thankfully.  Consequently, I'm a bit knackered (again) today.  And we had to be up fairly early this morning to nip off back home to have our flu jabs.  All very well organised, lots of staff there directing parking, taking names, directing us to the appropriate rooms (several medical staff giving the jabs), so we were both jabbed and out of there within just a couple of minutes.  Nipped home to take a few things home that we no longer need in the van, and to check the post - still no hospital appointment letter for husband - then came straight back here to the van.  

It's poured down all day today, relentless neverending rain, it's so depressing.  At least we're warm, cosy and dry in the caravan, I've got books, crochet and some limited art supplies and husband has the TV (but in a confined space I can't get away from the TV!).  Never mind, it's forecast to tail off this evening, and we should even have some sunshine again tomorrow morning.  That'll be good, it means neighbours Charlie and Jean will be able to close up their caravan and pack their car in the dry.  Yes we will miss them, but we'll keep in touch via text and phone during the winter.

There had obviously been pretty strong winds back at was a bit windy here at the park but not overly so.  At home though, our garden furniture and some pots had been blown all around the garden, and a pole of our gazebo has snapped.  Pity, it was a nice one too, we only bought it in Spring this year.  And we didn't even get that much use out of it, having spent more time here at the van than at home!  Oh well, we've enjoyed our summer at the van, even with all the work.

We'll come back probably once more for a few days this month, not sure when, it depends on the weather.  It's obviously going to get colder and darker, we don't really want to be here in bad weather, especially if there's not many others around.  Right now, there are only 3 other vans occupied besides ourselves, and obviously our neighbours are off home tomorrow.  Oh, there's someone in one of the seasonal touring vans right down the bottom of the site, I wouldn't think they're going to be here much longer.....unless they're working nearby and using it as a base.


  1. Maybe Betty was restless because of the wind and rain. Mind you, I didn't sleep well last night either - up at 4.30am. We've both just had an afternoon nap, which was lovely, but I hope it doesn't mean I'll be awake all night again! Glad you got your flu jabs, ours have been postponed for a couple of weeks. I guess it's to do with the driver shortage! I'm so pleased you've made some good friends at the site, and that you'll keep in touch. Do they live near enough for a meet up? xx

  2. I hope that both you and Betty get a better sleep tonight.

    God bless.


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