Friday 8 October 2021

Sod's law strikes again

 The Bowen therapist rang me early this morning - one of her 3 children has had a positive Covid lateral flow test this morning, so they're all having to go and get tested at the official testing centre.  Obviously, she's had to cancel my appointment, well, can't be helped, it's just one of those things.  She is going to ring me this afternoon for a chat, and book another appointment - although I guess that won't be for another week or 10 days, once they've all finished isolating.  

Meanwhile, I've rung the hospital physio department to find out if I'm any nearer getting an appointment with them - only to be told that as my referral was so long ago now (I had an initial phone consultation with them back in January, then Covid intervened!), I have to go back to my GP and ask for another referral.  And how long is that going to take, for me to get a new physio appointment?  Bloody weeks and weeks, I should think.  

To say I'm pissed off is an understatement.

I've now contacted a local osteopath and am waiting for her to ring me back - I have to do something, get some form of help, I'm at my wit's end.


  1. The whole system is a joke isn't it?
    I had to ring the respiratory people yesterday to get them to visit Tom as I was so worried, they visit every 6 months usually, I ask you? every 6 months, how on earth can they keep an eye on him with that kind of visiting. If you want something done you have to make sure you do it yourself like you are doing Sooze but it's so frustrating.
    Turns out the stuff the paramedic prescribed wasn't any good so they rang through with another prescription for him. I have lost all faith.

  2. Sadly this seems to be the way the NHS is working at the moment. My results from almost three weeks ago are still not even back to the Dr's yet. Then no doubt I will have to wait for him to find the time to phone me. It seems we are all being left to help ourselves or just suffer in silence!!

  3. I had a brain( repeat) and spinal cord scan in mid July. When the consultant wrote in mid September, he didn't mention anything about the brain scan, as if it hadn't been done! My Opthalmology consultant is the total opposite, well organised, thorough, and a lovely man.

  4. Something has gone very wrong with the NHS. I don't think Covid is to blame for it all, although that hasn't helped. I hope you can get some relief, from someone. Sometimes it's like swimming through treacle, trying to get help. Hugs.xx

  5. Oh, for goodness sakes. What a frustrating time you are having.

  6. The NHS has been broken for a long time. In 1960 I spent six months in hospital. The first two months were spent in the local infirmary where I was given mince and potatoes every day for dinner. If I had to go to exray I missed my meal. I was discharged with malnutrition.

  7. The let's jiggle around the waiting list figures via time lapse cancellation has struck again! How irksome and frustrating for you.


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